10 Things Cheaters Say To Hide Affairs

10 things cheaters say to hide affairs

One moment, you think you know your partner. Everything functions great in your relationship, and you feel like in heaven. However, the next moment knocks all those dreams down. That happens when you start suspecting that they are having an affair.

The only problem is that they won’t admit it. You tried confronting them, but no matter how hard you press them, they keep making excuses. Take a look at the 10 things cheaters say to hide affairs and find out what can give them away.

1. “What? You Are Overreacting!”

The initial and the most common reaction to accusations is denying them, and it is no different with cheaters.

If they react by denying, the chances are you caught them unprepared and off-guard. Saying “I didn’t do it” will buy them some time to think of a better excuse.

They might also tell you that you are overreacting or that you are too jealous. Some will even go as far as calling you crazy even though you have valid reasons to suspect or even facts that they are cheating.

In essence, the more angered they seem, the more guilty they probably are. They know that you figured them out, and that is why they are panicking.

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2. “And You, Where Were You Last Night?”

Do you know how they say that attack is the best form of defense?

It may be a sports-related metaphor, but it applies perfectly here. Instead of responding to your questions about their infidelity, your partner might start asking about your whereabouts.

These are the masters of manipulation, and you should be careful not to fall into that trap. If you have proof, you can tell them your whereabouts in a sen10ce or two, but make sure you stick to the topic.

It is their affair, which is why you should insist on continuing the conversation until they reply to all your questions.

3. “Why You Don’t Trust Me?”

The cheaters use another form of avoiding responsibility and covering up their affair, and that is playing the card of guilt.

They might act angered or even sad that you don’t trust them. Furthermore, they may insist that can endanger your entire relationship and not their affair.

Keep in mind that this is another way of deflecting your accusation. The key here is to stay calm and stick to the facts that are against your partner.

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4. “We Are Just Friends”

We are sure that you have heard this excuse at least once in your life. Many wannabe and actual cheaters use it, and it is rarely true. You can try to assess this based on the facts.

For example, is that their childhood friend that they have known their entire life.

Did they introduce you, and are you spending time together? If the answer to some of these questions is no, perhaps is time to ask for more information about this “friend.”

5. “Messaging Doesn’t Mean Anything; I Was Just Having Fun”

Your partner may insist that nothing has ever happened between them and the third person, and that is why your accusations are invalid.

They might even say that they only exchanged a couple of messages, which is “perfectly innocent.”

If they claim that they haven’t even kissed, or seen each other, perhaps you should investigate if they are telling the truth. If everything was kept to only messaging, maybe the situation isn’t that alarming.

However, if they claim that “they were just having fun,” make sure to clear up what that means.

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6. “We Have Issues in Our Relationship”

While this may be true and not everything may be great in your relationship, this is still a lame excuse. It is another way of telling that you are guilty of their affair, which is not only unfair, but it is also a lie.

They are the only ones who can be responsible for their actions.

If they weren’t happy, why haven’t they talked to you to see how to repair the relationship?

Why didn’t they break up and leave? It is essential not to fold but insist that they are to blame for the affair.

7. “You Are Not Meeting My Needs”

It is another way of saying that you have relationship problems and transferring the blame to you. And it is an equally cowardly move on their behalf.

Make sure to stay focused and not accept responsibility for something they did.

The chances are not everything was perfect for you either, but you are not the one who cheated. Use that fact to counterattack them and insist that they should confess their affair and take responsibility for that.

8. “I Love Only You, and I Am Not Going Anywhere”

Another thing that cheaters might say is that they love only you and they are not going anywhere. They may insist on assuring you that everything is great and that your relationship isn’t in danger.

While the excuse itself may be true, you should still insist on clarifying things. Adultery is a big problem, and you should treat it like one.

Don’t let your partner push things under the carpet and walk away unpunished.

9. “They Made Me Do It”

Oh, your poor partner, they were tricked into sending messages and seeing another person.

At least that is what they claim as they pinpoint that they were seduced, which automatically eliminates any blame on their behalf.

This is undoubtedly one of the lamest excuses a cheater can make. We will remind you once again that each person has free will, but they should also be responsible for their actions.

That is why you should tell your partner they should show accountability and at least own what they did.

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10. “It Is in the Past”

A cheater may try to convince that anything that might have happened doesn’t have anything to do with them now.

They can insist that they left all the wrong deeds in the past and that they have changed into a completely new person.

First, try to assess the facts. You may consider it a plus that they ended the affair and stayed with you. But if they were cheating, you should still talk about everything, and decide on the upcoming steps.


Cheaters will do anything in their power to keep their affair a secret. However, they will make a mistake sooner or later, and that is when they will resort to making excuses.

We hope that our list of 10 things the cheaters say to hide affairs will help you in figuring out when your partner is trying to deceive you.