5 Clever Ways To Catch a Cheater

Clever Ways to Catch a Cheater

Are you getting continuous hints that your partner is cheating on you? Well, if you are having a gut feeling that something is wrong, then it probably is. Luckily, there are some techniques and approaches that you can use to confirm your doubts.

Before getting into the process, make sure to be prepared for the worst. Your worst nightmare might come true. Hence, be ready to handle a difficult situation without breaking apart.

Continue reading to know some clever ways to catch a cheater:

Should You Simply Ask Them Directly?

You might want to confront your partner directly, but is that a good idea?

If you are suspicious that your partner is cheating on you then your relationship is already on thin ice. However, if you ask your partner directly then he/she might get defensive and lie about the situation.

Accusing them directly will not only make you the villain of the story, but it will also make them more careful, alert, and hence hard to catch. It is always a good idea to wait and get hold of proof before you discuss the situation directly with the person.

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Plus, most people who cheat want to keep it under wraps. Not everyone will be honest about the situation. Of course, some situations are rare.

If your partner is sick of the relationship and wants it to end, then he or she may confess but that doesn’t always happen. Hence, it is best to wait and gather proof first.

Use Cell Phone Spy Software

Technology has made it possible to keep an eye on your partner’s phone. As the name suggests, a spy software allows you to spy on your partner’s phone.

There are a variety of mobile phone spying software, all designed to do the same thing – give you access to the data on your partner’s phone. However, they differ in term of features and functionalities.

If you want to catch a cheater, then it is best to look for a software that gives out their GPS location and also lets you check out their messaging history and call log. It will help you know where they are at any given moment and what they are up to.

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Some very advanced tools may also give you access to other information including the photos on the devices. These software are easy to use and install. Plus, they stay hidden on the phone, hence you will have no difficulty or risk.

There are a variety of spying software on the market. It’s important that you pick one that’s affordable and easy to use so that it can help you catch a cheater. Our personal favorite is Cell Spy Stealth.

It works on all devices without any trouble and stays hidden. Plus, it is also quite affordable and comes with free lifetime upgrades.

You will be able to check your partner’s browsing history, social networking logs, call logs, photo and video logs, etc., without any trouble. Plus, it also has a stealth camera feature that can click pictures for you.

This is a very important feature as you can use these pictures as proof when you decide to confront your partner.

Ask a Lot of Questions 

A good way to catch a cheater is to ask a lot of questions.

Most people get frustrated when they are trying to hide something and you continue to ask questions related to it. They may end up speaking the truth in such situations, making it easy for you to catch a cheater.

The idea is to irritate your partner so much, they have no option but to burst it out.

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However, your questions must be strategic. For example, if you doubt that your partner cheated on you last night, then you must ask him or her questions about last night but without making it sound like you’re suspicious as it may alert ‘em.

Ask general questions, for example:

  • Did you enjoy the party?
  • When did you come home last night?
  • Did you miss me?
  • Who else was there?
  • How was the food?
  • Will you take me to the same place tomorrow?

Drop By Unexpectedly 

This is the oldest trick in the book but it still works. It works best if you feel your partner is up to something behind your back.

If it is not possible for you to drop by, you can use your phone to your advantage. For example, if your partner claims to be at work, you can call the office to confirm he’s there.

It is best to hide your identity when you do so as you do not want your partner to know you’re keeping an eye on ‘em or doubting their intentions.

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Hire a Private Investigator

This one might sound like extreme and weird but desperate times call for desperate measures. If your partner has been behaving oddly, such as disappearing for hours without a call or text, then you’re justified in feeling concerned.

In such a situation, it might be a good idea to hire the services of a private investigator who excels at such jobs. They will come back to you with proof without you having to do the dirty work.

Discuss The Matter With Their Friends

You can’t just go and tell his friends you think he’s been cheating on you. Be clever and seek out information by asking questions such as:

  • What he thinks of our relationship?
  • Are you two spending time together?

You can even talk to his or her friends to verify what he tells you. For example, if he or she claims to be with a friend, you may double check but make sure not to make your partner look like a liar.

How to Deal With the Truth

Finding out that your partner has been cheating on you can be devastating and heartbreaking. It can turn your personal life and relationship upside down.

It can leave you feeling unhappy and miserable. In such a situation, it is important to remain positive. Talk to your friends and family members about the situation. Also, sit down and gauge where you stand in your relationship.