5 Signs He Will Cheat Again

5 signs he will cheat again

5 Ways to Know He Will Cheat Again

Your relationship used to be great, but not everything has been going the way you wanted. You recently discovered that your hubby or boyfriend cheated on you. Despite that setback, your relationship moved on, but now you are wondering whether you should be afraid of another afraid.

Is the saying that a cheater will always be a cheater true? There is probably no definite answer, but reading our 5 signs he will cheat again will help you to discover whether there is any real danger for another infidelity.

1. He Won’t Quit Contact With the Other Person

You discovered the affair and confronted your hubby, which led them to admit that they committed adultery. They said they are sorry and that you should work on your relationship.

The problem is they still plan to keep in touch with the other person, although that is one of the basic conditions to start rebuilding trust.

After discussing with your partner, you revealed that they don’t want to cut all contact with the other party. They may insist they can manage to be friends with them, or they may offer an excuse for why it is not possible to stop talking to them.

The reasons may be that they are coworkers, or that they had been friends for years before the affair.

It Is Only an Excuse

Whatever your partner says, it will only be an excuse that will allow them to stay in touch with the other party, and keep the option of continuing the affair openly.

Some men will even resort to lying, which means they will say they do not plan to talk to that person ever again, but their behavior will tell you otherwise. The chances are you may figure this out by seeing them spending a lot of time on the phone, and smiling when they read messages.

The math is simple – if they cannot cut contact with the other party, how can you be sure they are willing to invest in repairing your relationship? If he is not willing to sacrifice that much for you, it is only a matter of time when he will cheat again.

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2. Past History of Bad Behavior

You are the one that knows your partner the best, which is why it would be wise to dig through their past. What you need to do is analyze their behavior before they committed the adultery.

For starters, think whether he has ever cheated before. We are talking about his previous relationships – does he have a history of cheating on his girlfriends? That may make him a compulsive cheater, which may be a reason to start worrying.

They Like to Bend the Truth

It is a nice way of saying that they are prone to lying and using the facts to their advantage. Try to assess your hubby’s behavior in other areas or life.

For example, they might be a part of a big project group at work. Even though their contribution to the project is limited, they will claim (and believe) they are the key to getting the work done.

These guys won’t be afraid of pumping up even the smallest achievements. Bending the truth often comes hand in hand with not showing empathy, and is one of the indicators you are dealing with a serial cheater.

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3. No Improvement in How He Behaves

Here is what should happen ideally – your boyfriend or husband should be very sad about the affair. He should realize that they made a huge mistake, and do everything in their power to repair it. It is something that you should be able to see every step of the way.

He should be ready not only to end the affair but also to accept to check in every several hours and improve his behavior overall. That includes remembering special dates, taking you out for dinner, and showing affection frequently.

Everything is Still the Same

Maybe he ended the affair, but nothing has truly changed in your relationship, and that is one of the 5 signs he will cheat again.

It seems like you still fight a lot, and they don’t show empathy to help you push through difficult moments after infidelity.

You need to establish a more honest relationship where you will share everything. He should also understand what you are going through and make a lot of effort to rebuild trust. If that doesn’t seem like possible, perhaps the wisest thing you can do is leave.

4. You Are Not Part of His Happy Moments

It may seem like he spends a lot of time with his friends, whether they are male or female. While it is perfectly okay to hang out with friends, you feel completely excluded from that part of their life.

Your hubby seems happy when he is with his gang, but you can’t help but notice you are never present when they hang out. That is not only a red flag that he might commit infidelity again but also a sign that something is very wrong with your relationship.

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Pumping Up His Ego

Spending time with his friends makes him feel good. However, you should discover whether it implies he doesn’t feel good when he spends time with you.

He may be looking for people that will validate him as a person, and pump his ego. While there is nothing wrong about feeling positive about yourself, it may seem like they are escaping from relationship problems.

If you see them going out after you had a fight or tough conversation, or even after a crisis at work, it may seem like they are abandoning you and thinking only about making themselves feel better.

5. He Doesn’t Feel Guilty

He may have even accepted responsibility for the adultery, or at least that’s what he told you. However, it doesn’t seem they seem to feel genuinely guilty about it. Furthermore, if you ask your husband, he never does anything wrong in his life.

Even though he is late with completing the assignment at work, his coworkers are to blame because they haven’t helped him. They can also claim they cannot be guilty of committing infidelity because your relationship hasn’t been functioning well for some time.

The truth is we are all responsible for our action. If he is not willing to be held accountable for what he does, it means that he will be prone to another adultery, and the chances are he won’t even feel guilty about it.

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The Bottom Line

The thing serial cheaters have in common is that they mostly care only about themselves. We hope that these 5 signs he will cheat again can assist you in figuring out whether you should be afraid of another infidelity.

The crucial thing to do is to insist on maintaining an honest relationship, and explain that you both need to make a lot of effort to repair trust and make sure adultery doesn’t happen again.