Best Way To Get Your Girlfriend Back After a Breakup

Best Way to Get Your Girlfriend Back After a Breakup

Not many things were that good in your life as the relationship that ended recently. Even though you broke up, you are still thinking about that girl and want to get back together.

If we described you in the above paragraph, you surely want to find out the best way to get your girlfriend back after a breakup.

We might not have a magic wand, but if you follow our guide, you will increase the chances of winning her back significantly!

Why Do You Want to Get Back Together?

Before you start the whole “getting your girlfriend back” project, we need you to sit down and think. Why do you want to get back together with her?

In some cases, your desire may come from the wrong reasons. For example, you may feel hurt, and want to get back only to hurt her twice as much.

That is why you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you honestly miss her?
  • Are you dreaming about spending the rest of your life with her?
  • Was your relationship a period when you felt good about both life and yourself?
  • Did you enjoy spending every second with her?

Be honest to yourself when it comes to the reasons why you want to get back together. If the answers to most of the above questions are positive, we applaud you for your honest intentions. Please keep reading to discover how to win the girl of your dreams back.

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What Caused the Breakup?

Start by analyzing what caused you two to end the relationship. If you were the one who caused the breakup, ask yourself what changed in the meantime and you now want to get back together.

If your girlfriend was the one that ended things, try to remember if she mentioned why.

If it was because she found someone else, ask yourself why they thought the other guy is better than you. Are there ways how you can improve?

All these insights can come in handy throughout the process, and you can use them to your advantage.

Be Patient And Give Her Some Time

The crucial thing to understand is that getting back together will probably take time. If your breakup is fresh, the best thing you can do is to give both of you some time.

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That can be a week, two, or as long as you may think it is needed. If your ex started a new relationship in the meantime, you might want to wait to see how that will work out.

The main idea now is to find a way back into her life that is not intrusive.

Ask Her Friends to Help

Perhaps to easiest way to restore the contact is to ask her friends to help. Do you have any mutual friends? Maybe you can contact her friend that believed you were a great couple.

Those are people that can help in various ways. For starters, they can ask your girlfriend whether she is thinking about getting back together, too.

In that case, they might arrange an accidental meet-up, or give you the green light to send a message.

Take Things Slowly When Reestablishing Contact

Once you see or get in touch with your girlfriend again, it is important to take things slowly. As we already mentioned, it is vital not to be intrusive.

That means you shouldn’t send messages every 30 minutes or insist on meeting with her every day.

Try to be creative and check in regularly, but make it look casual. For example, you can say that something reminded you of her, and you only wanted to see how she is doing.

As time passes, you can make the communication more frequent, and take it to the next level. That may include discussing your relationship or agreeing to see each other.

Show Her That You’ve Changed

If you get into a serious discussion, it is crucial to assume responsibility for something that you may have done wrong.

For example, you may have sent messages or flirted with other girls. Tell her that it was wrong of you to do that, but you are ready to change.

It is also vital to show that you have changed. If your lack of maturity was the reason that you broke up, prove that you are more mature now. Getting a job may be the ideal way to do that.

As you can see, the idea is to prove your words with actions.

Whatever your ex considers you were doing wrong, you should think about how to start doing it right. Begin acting like that right away, and they will notice your efforts to change. That should increase the chances of making up with her.

Make Her See That You Lead a Successful Life

Do you want to know the best way to get your girlfriend back after a breakup?

It lies in the balance between showing her you want to get back together but also showing her that you have a successful life without her.

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If you feel like it is necessary to take things to the next level, you can consider convincing her she is not your only option. That includes hanging out, and maybe even going on dates with other girls.

Keep in mind that you will be playing on a risky ground here, which is why it may be better not to involve other girls.

In most cases, posting photos where you look happy on social networks will do. Feel free to post pictures with your friends, and status updates about how you are delighted with how things are going.

However, once you message or see your ex, do not hesitate to mention that she is the missing puzzle to complete your life. When she sees that you have become a better version of yourself, she will accept your invitation to go out on a date.

Ask Her on a Date

The final step in your road to making up will be asking her on a date and trying to become an “official” couple again.

It is important to be honest, so try telling her that you believe you have what it takes to succeed together.

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And that it is why you would like to try again, and ask her to go on an actual date.

Don’t forget to be at your best during the date, and impress her in every possible way.
The crucial takeaway is that you should keep things gradually, and work hard to become an improved version of yourself.

The best way to get your girlfriend back after a breakup is to make her realize it was a mistake to end the relationship in the first place.

It will take a lot of effort as you will be starting from scratch, but if you do things right, it is only a matter of time when you will get back together.