How Are Most Affairs Discovered

How Are Most Affairs Discovered

Have you ever wondered how most affairs are discovered? Cheaters know that they have to be cautious as even a moment of inattention can have severe consequences.

Some become too careless over time, others don’t make smart excuses, and some were looking for a reason to end the relationship in the first place. Let’s take a look at how most cheaters get caught.

Text Messages

Do you think classic text messages are old-fashioned? Although messenger apps and social media have become extremely popular, SMS still keeps a high place on the list of how people communicate with each other.

Furthermore, the statistics indicate that text messages are one of the main ways how most affairs are discovered.

Phones are the most vulnerable spot of cheaters, and that is the device where you can reveal many secrets.

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The problem is most cheaters are careful enough to protect their smartphone. Some of them use a password while others do not leave their phone unattended for a second.

Yes, that means they are even taking it to the bathroom!

If you get a chance, you might find signs of an affair if your partner’s inbox. You may even have the chance to see the name or the number of the sender at the moment when your partner gets the message.

It will take some effort to be present at the right time, but if you see an unknown name or number, you should consider asking more about the person sending the message.

That especially applies if your partner frequently laughs at the messages.

Staying Signed in on Social Media

Most cheaters get caught because of their smartphones, but social media doesn’t have to be directly connected to these devices.

You can also browse your social network accounts on your PC, and forget to sign out, which puts you at risk.

If you have suspicions that your partner is cheating on you, check the computer after they finish using it. You can start from popular social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder.

If they stayed logged on, you could browse their messages to see if there is anything suspicious in there.

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Your partner may be careful enough to sign out, but they might forget to erase browser history. That may not tell you a lot, but you might see which pages on social networks they were browsing.

In case you see that your partner visited a profile of an unknown man or woman, it may be wise to investigate who that person is.

While you are browsing web history, feel free to check the other pages your partner visited. You never know what king of valuable information you may encounter.


We way passed the times when an e-mail was used solely for business communication. Today, you send funny e-mails to your best friends, chat with co-workers, etc.

More often than not, this is a platform cheaters use to organize their meetings with the other person.

There are plenty of reasons why this is a smart move. Cheaters are aware they can use one of many free providers to create an e-mail that no one can directly associate to them.

But others don’t mind that they are using a personal or business e-mail. They would exchange messages with the people they meet, especially if they are coworkers.

More often than not, these affairs are discovered at the office. Everything starts with a colleague figuring things out, and it doesn’t take long for the information to reach the cheated spouse.

A Friend Let Them Know

If you read confessions of cheaters online, you may find that the person they cheated with is often a friend. It is vital to mention, however, that there are two types of friends.

The first type would take advantage of a rough patch in your relationship. Others, however, would put your friendship first and do anything to protect you.

These friends will also let you know if they notice anything suspicious. For example, they may happen to wander around town and come across your partner.

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Your friend might call to let you know, and it may be the first step to discovering the affair.

In extreme situations, your friend may be the person that your partner is trying to have an affair with. That is an extremely bold move, and not many people would resort to it.

But there are still those courageous enough to go with it, especially if they think they might be successful. If you have a true friend, they will let you know as soon as they notice anything.

Being Noticed Together in Public

Some affairs remain strictly sexual, but others have motions involved. In those situations, the cheaters might now want to stay indoor all the time. They are bold enough to go out, hit the movies, or have dinner together.

The cheaters might think that a big city, or going to a nearby town will protect them. However, more often than not, the world is smaller than they think.

There were situations when the cheated spouse had to go to the other part of the city for business, and that is how the cheaters were caught.

In other cases, it was a friend of the cheated spouse who noticed their partner having an affair, and let them know.

For some partners, things might have gone so far that they hired a private investigator to follow the other party, and catch them cheating.

Getting Caught Lying

While this is not a way you directly discover the affair, it is the reason for the discovery. For example, if you have suspicions, you could ask your partner where they are going that late at night.

They might provide with a confusing answer, or seem like they are hiding something. If you push hard enough, they may even admit the affair right away.

In other situations, lying will be the first indicator that you should dig deep. You may want to look for some other signs of an affair to confirm your suspicions.

The crucial thing is to find proof before you do anything. You don’t want to compromise your relationship, especially a long one, for no reason.

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Give your partner the benefit of the doubt, and consider the possibility that your fears are the reason why you are suspecting an affair.

On the other hand, if you find confirmation and you can face your partner with facts, don’t hesitate to do that.

You now know the most common ways how most affairs are discovered, which should make it easier to get evidence.

It is important to have an honest conversation, and see where you can take things from there.