How Do Married Men Act When Attracted to Another Woman?

How Do Married Men Act When Attracted to Another Woman

Do you think your husband has feelings or sexual fantasies about someone else? If you are wondering how do married men act when attracted to another woman, this is the right article for you.

It is in human nature to have different thoughts and feelings, and that includes considering other people as potential sexual partners.

That doesn’t stop even when you enter a marriage, but the important difference is that you shouldn’t act on it.

Unfortunately, that isn’t a rule that all the married men stick to, and some of them try to turn their thoughts into reality.

If you are having doubts about your husband’s feelings for another female, here are some signs that may give him away.

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Not Letting You Use His Phone

It is the oldest sign in the book, but it is also the one that often proves to be essential. If your husband has started keeping his phone away from your reach, it is time to become suspicious.

Some men are also using another approach – they are deleting all messages and calls daily. If you encounter an empty call history or not a single message in the inbox, you may wonder why that is the case.

Additionally, some males will lock their phones so that nobody else can see the notifications. They may also refuse to pick up when the phone is ringing, or go to another room to talk.

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He Tries More About His Appearance

We often see married people neglecting their looks, and trying about their appearance only when that is absolutely necessary. However, it seems that your husband has started putting extra effort into how he looks recently.

That may involve buying new clothes, giving his best to trim his facial and other hair, or even experimenting with different hairstyles.

If he also bought a new and expensive cologne, you can be fairly certain there is a reason behind that purchase.

He Is Trying to Get Into a Better Shape

Trying to look better is another way of how do married men act when attracted to another woman.

If your husband has become a little chubby, and he seemed fine with it up until now, you should start wondering why he suddenly started exercising or going to the gym.

Spending Time With Other People

Your husband wasn’t hanging out with his friends more than once a month before. However, his social life has gone through the roof recently.

He and his friends are going to play and watch sports games, or he found a new hobby. If that seems suspicious to you, you should try to discover whether it is only the new hobby that he found.

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He Seems Happy And Optimistic

This one is tricky, but we are talking about attitude changes. Your husband may have been a bit negative lately, or he might have been reasonably content.

However, it seems that he has become “too happy” lately. If he doesn’t seem to be able to stop smiling, especially when looking at his phone or visiting social media, what is the reason for that?

He Avoids or Looks for an Excuse to See That Woman

The woman your husband likes may be from your surroundings. It can be your friend or coworker, or the new colleague from your hubby’s workplace.

When married men are attracted to another female, they choose one of two roads. Some of them will avoid taking you when meeting them.

That way, they can be alone with the woman they like, and that is the opportunity they do not want to miss.

Unlike that, some men may look for every excuse to see that woman. If it is your friend, they may be aware that joint gatherings are his only option to be in her company.

In that case, they may often suggest or initiate hanging out with her. They may also be looking for an activity that you can all participate in so that they can ensure they will regularly get to see the woman.

As we already mentioned, the crucial thing is to make a difference between thinking and doing. The experts suggest thinking about other people is normal even when you are in a marriage.

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However, wishing to act on it may indicate marriage problems or other issues, and it is necessary to get to the bottom of them.

How to Tell If a Married Man Is Flirting With You

In some cases, the situation is different, and a married man might be flirting with you. You may not even be aware of that, but here are some indicators to help you confirm he is flirtatious:

  • He compliments you often – these may be usual compliments like the one that you look nice, but many men take things one step further. They may commend the way you dress, personality, smile, etc.
  • He notices details – did you put on those earrings the first time in your life today, and he noticed they are new? Or you changed your hairstyle, and that’s the first thing he mentioned when you met?
  • He is trying to be funny – men who are attracted to a woman are willing to go the extra mile to make her laugh. It is his way of charming you, and he might not even hesitate to include sexual innuendo in his jokes.
  • Starting conversations and sending messages – is he trying to talk to you whenever he sees you? He might also be sending messages every day so that you can be in touch constantly.
  • Asking about your love life – unless you are truly good friends, men usually won’t ask a lot of questions about your love life. If he seems interested in who you are dating, it may be a sign he is looking for a window to swoop in.

There are also other obvious signs, such as not wearing his ring around you, complaining about his wife, getting jealous, and so on.

You may want to consider testing him by organizing a dinner with him and his wife. His behavior during the evening might reveal a lot about his thoughts and feelings.

What Should You Do Next?

If you were wondering how do married men act when attracted to another woman, you now know all the details. Your next move depends on what you want to achieve.

If you believe he won’t turn his thoughts into actions, you can try being patient and waiting for his current feelings to pass.

Alternatively, you can consider confronting him to make him realize you figured him out, and he should mind his behavior.

The same applies if you are on the receiving end of flirting, and you don’t want to enter an affair with a married man.