How Do You Know If Your Ex Wants You Back

How Do You Know If Your Ex Wants You Back

It has been a while since you have broken up with your ex, but you are having second thoughts whether you made the right decision.

You would like to know whether your former partner is considering the same thing. In this article, we are investigating different ways how to know if your ex wants you back.

Take a look at the list of signs that might reveal that you have a chance of getting back together.

They Try To Stay In Touch With You

Are you still in contact with your ex? If the answer is yes, are they the one trying to maintain your communication? If your former partner is trying hard to stay in touch with you, it may be because they want to enter into a relationship with you again.

If you stopped all contact when you broke up, reestablishing communication will probably start on social media, or with texting.

Your ex might start liking your photos and updates again, and they might send messages to check up on you.

Texting And Dialing

Checking in every day might be one of the ways how do you know if your ex wants you back.

On the other hand, it may also be an indicator that they would like to stay friends. That is why you should pay special attention to drunk texting and dialing.

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You might have been in this situation yourself. You may have been thinking about sending a message to your love interest for days, but you can’t get enough courage to do it. But then you go to the club, have a couple of drinks, and get all the courage you need.

That is precisely what might be happening to your ex. If they are always drunk when they call or text, that may be an indicator that they still have feelings for you.

You Run Into Them Frequently

If you were in a long relationship, the chances are you know each other’s routines. That means your ex is aware of all your favorite places to eat and hang out with friends.

The chances are you still spend time in those places, which is something they might use to run into you “accidentally.”

Have you faced multiple situations of running up into your ex in the last couple of weeks? Did you meet them in front of your office, or in the part of the city where they have no reason to be in?

Those meet-ups may be an indicator that they still care about you, and they are looking for any opportunity to see and talk to you.

They Remind You Of The Positives In Your Relationship

Is today your anniversary, or another special date of your relationship? Has your ex sent you a message to remind you of that? It may be a way of telling you that they are still thinking about your relationship.

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They may even take things to the next level, and remind you of the times when you were happy together. It may be your first date, the time you went on a vacation together, or any other positive memory.

If your ex is thinking about it, the chances are they would like to get back together and create more memories with you.

They Call You First When Important Things Are Happening

Imagine this situation – your ex just received a promotion, or they passed an important exam at their college. Either way, an important milestone occurred.

The first one they called to share that with was you, and they didn’t even hesitate to mention that.

Experts say that the first person we call to share our happiness with has a special place in our hearts.

The fact that your former partner called you, and not their friends or family should tell you that they are interested in reuniting.

They Talk About Their Problems

It is not only about happy things, but also problems. Is someone harassing your ex at work? Did they fight with their parents and called you to complain?

If your opinion matters to your partner, it is also a sign that they care about you, too.

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They may establish that it is soothing to hear your voice, or they are looking for another way to share and bond with you. It can be because they would like to get back together in the future.

They Are Willing To Listen

Apart from sharing things from their life, your former partner is ready to listen to any problem or issue you are facing.

Not only they will listen carefully, but they will do everything in their power to offer viable advice, or even resolve the problem for you.

Furthermore, it may seem that your ex is more considerate now than they were during the relationship.

It may be because they realized how much they lost when you broke up, and they are now trying to gather the pieces and assemble the puzzle again.

They Keep in Touch With Your Friends And Family

You’ve always thought that is weird because you were wondering why your ex would stay in touch with your parents or brother.

The same applies to your friends, and you can’t believe your former partner is still hanging out with them.

Have you ever stopped to think that it was a way of clinging onto your relationship? Perhaps your partner believes that staying in touch with them is a way of getting closer to you.

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They may even try to convince some of your friends to talk to you about getting back together.

That is something you can talk about with your friends. If you are considering getting back together, your friends may tell you if your partner shares those feelings.

They Get Jealous Over Your Dating

The fact that you are communicating with your ex doesn’t mean anything, and you are still free to date anyone you like. Furthermore, you may even mention that you are dating again and observe their reaction.

Are they jealous because you are going on a date with someone else? Is your former partner trying to convince you that dating might not be such a great idea?

If that is the case, you should wonder why your ex is doing that. Is it because they are jealous, and want you for themselves?

While you are there, ask yourself if your ex went on a single date after you separated. If the answer is no, have you asked them why?

It may be a great way of offering them an opportunity to express their feelings. Who knows, it may be what leads to your reunion!