How Do You Know If Your Husband Loves You?

How Do You Know If Your Husband Loves You

Although your hubby isn’t crafty at showing affection, you have been living in a happy marriage for years. Despite that, you would still like to know that you are the only woman in the world for your spouse.

The thing you might not be aware of is that he is displaying affection in ways you don’t notice.

How do you know if your husband loves you? Here is insightful information that will help you to confirm the man of your dreams still considers you his number one.

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He Checks in Several Times a Day

It is difficult to say “I love you” for some men, which is why you should let their actions speak instead of words.

One of the most frequent ways males prove their love is by checking in frequently. Even if he is having a busy day at work, your hubby will find a minute or two to call or send a text.

Checking up to see what you are doing is an excellent way of telling that he cares about you. The conversation doesn’t have to take long – a minute or two is more than enough.

However, you will both end up feeling a lot better and confident in your love for each other after it.

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He Kisses and Hugs You Often

If you are wondering how do you know if your husband loves you, try paying attention to physical touches. No, we are not talking only about sex, although it is an important component of every marriage.

When we say physical touches, we are thinking kisses, hugs, and even holding hands. Once you leave your home for a walk, does your hubby immediately grabs your hand? It is a way of saying that he loves you, and a way of showing that to the entire world.

Additionally, many husbands tend to kiss their wives frequently. We are not talking only about kissing when he comes back from work, but also random kisses when you least expect them.

He Runs Errands and Does Other Things for You

Any wife out there would tell you that a loving husband is a responsible one. That especially applies to things that you told them.

Let’s say, for example, that you asked him to buy fruits on the way home from the office.
You may have told him in the morning, and even you forgot about that. However, if he appears on the door with a bag full of fruits, you will instantly know that he cares about you.

The experts call these the acts of service, and they are third on the list of expressing love, right below physical touches and telling your feelings.

If your hubby is willing to run errands and go to the store just because you want to eat something sweet, you should know that he is pure gold, and do everything in your power to keep him.

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He Notices Details and Compliments You on Them

It has been the first time you have changed your hairstyle in years, and your husband didn’t fail to notice it. Furthermore, the moment he saw you, he mentioned the hair and complimented it.

Men aren’t that attentive to details, but a husband in love will notice any big change in your appearance. They might not realize you are wearing new earrings at once, but if you started wearing a big new necklace, the chances are they will notice it.

The same goes if you enter a formal or sexy dress after a while, or purchase new boots.

You Have Date Nights and Other Joint Activities

A thoughtful hubby will always find time for you and joint activities. That may include planning date nights, which may include dining out or visiting the cinema for that movie you both wanted to watch.

It doesn’t take special date night to spend quality time together. If you are a fan of staying in, you can make a movie marathon.

Alternatively, you can agree on playing games or sitting on the bed and watching TV. The crucial thing is that you both enjoy spending time like that, and that is the only thing you should take care of when planning your schedule.

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He Always Remembers Special Dates

Nobody likes when a friend misses their birthday, and let alone your husband. However, you should know that will never happen to a hubby that loves you.

They will not only remember the date, but they will even try to get you a special gift. In some cases, it will be something you mentioned a while ago, and it will be an indicator that they are listening.

Apart from your birthday, loving husbands will also remember other special dates, such as your anniversary. You may even have separate dates when you met and got married, and even if you forget, they will be there to remind you.

He Acts Protective

The public is the primary place where your hubby will show that he is protective of you.

For example, you may be sitting in a bar, and a man at the table nearby may try to talk and flirt with your wife. In these situations, he will try to do anything to show that you are married.

Smart men will avoid causing a scene, and you should also restrain from giving him a reason to get into a fight. The chances are you can politely resolve the situation together.

Alternatively, your husband should protect you in a potentially dangerous situation. If you are in a bar and two men at the table nearby start fighting, he should stand between you and them to protect you.

It is only one of the examples, and a loving husband will always try to keep you safe regardless of the situation.

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There Are No Secrets Between You

A husband that loves you won’t be secretive about anything. That means he will be willing to share details about his work life, or any information related to him personally.

For example, he will be open that his boss is giving him a hard time.

He might even notice he doesn’t have a toned body as before, and he may share concerns about his overall appearance. The point is that he will be ready to discuss and share with you anything that bothers him.

Remember – Love Is a Two-Way Street

You may be insecure about your feelings, but there is no need to be. Our guide on how do you know if your husband loves you should confirm his feelings toward you.

Once that happens, you should remember that love is a two-way street. That means you shouldn’t hesitate to show signs of affection, too.

You are already married, and there is no reason to be scared of sharing your feelings. That can only take your bond to the next level, and strengthen your marriage further.