How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage

How To Be A Better Wife And Improve Your Marriage

It is important for both the husband and the wife to shoulder the responsibility of carrying and improving a marriage. However, in some cases, only one partner is left to handle the burden.

If you’re in such a situation then do not worry because it’s important to be strong and have all the tips on how to be a better wife and improve your marriage.

We understand that it can be difficult to handle the job on your own, but if you are serious about wanting to save your marriage then you must put aside your differences and work on your relationship.

Here’s what you can do to be a better wife:

First of All, Accept That You Can Improve

You will never be a better version of yourself if you think you’re already at your best. Many of us are averse to the idea of changing who we are because we find it insulting and derogatory when someone asks us to improve.

This is natural human behavior and there is nothing wrong with it. But, if you are serious about improving your marriage then you must take steps to be a better wife.

Here are some signs that indicate you need to be a better wife:

  • Your partner blames you for the fights and arguments
  • You sit and think about how behaving in a different way could’ve solved the problem
  • Your friends give you tips on what you can change to save your marriage
  • You feel as if you do not deserve your husband, i.e: he is too good for you

All these problems or signs indicate that there’s scope to improve. Once you see the need to improve, you’d most likely be willing to put the effort to get better.

Here’s what you can do to be better:

1. Communicate Efficiently and Listen to Your Partner

Communication is key. No two people can connect or stay connected if they do not communicate properly.

Remember that communication is a two-way thing. You should both listen and talk to your partner.

Couples can always have a lot of things to talk about, from future plans to memories to movies and events. If you struggle to find a topic then you can start with a simple question ‘how did your day go?’.

Showing interest in your partner’s day will make him feel that you truly care for him.

2. Take Responsibility and Clear Misunderstandings

It is normal to have misunderstandings between couples. They usually arise due to a lack of communication, misjudgments, and poor understanding.

The best way to clear misunderstandings is to take responsibility and accept your mistake. Learn to own your behavior and hold yourself accountable to your actions.

Listen to criticism with an open mind. Do not lash at your husband just because he asks you to act a certain way. Listen to what he has to say and think about it. His suggestions may benefit you and your relationship.

Similarly, do not hesitate in being honest with your partner. If you have doubts about anything then be clear about it. Clear misunderstandings before they become an issue. However, you must know where to draw the line.

For example, if you doubt he’s having an affair then you need to take a subtle approach instead of calling him a cheat. Interrogate him and ask him the right questions so you can find the truth.

3. Be on the Same Page Regarding Everything

Couples do a lot of things together. When you marry someone, your life gets intertwined. Your decision is not only yours, it’s ‘ours’, hence it is important to consider your partner before you make a call on anything from starting a new career to shifting to a new city to starting a family.

These are very big decisions and partners have to agree on these things, otherwise things will go awry. You do not need to ‘seek’ permission from your partner but you must take him into confidence.

In addition to this, you must also discuss smaller life events such as your monthly budget. These things can have a huge impact on your life, hence make it a point to be clear about such decisions.

4. Work on Your Sex Life

It is common for couples to lose physical connection when they get too busy with other things. In order to keep the spark burning, you must make sure to stay connected physically.

A lack of sex or a lack of good sex can cause a rift between couples. You need to be careful about what your husband wants while communicating your expectations as well.

Do not solely focus on quantity, you should pay attention to quality as well.

Removing the expectation of having long, technical lovemaking sessions can do the trick,” suggests marriage therapist and clinical sexologist a Kat Van Kirk, DHS, best known for authoring The Married Sex Solution.

10 focused minutes can build more intimate moments than many couples have experienced in years. This can turn into longer lovemaking sessions,” she concludes.

5. Take Part in Activities That Make You Both Happy

If you want to get closer to your husband then you must initiate and show interest in him. It may be a good idea to take part in activities that you both enjoy.It could be anything from watching movies together to going for a jog.

Think about what you two have in common. Couples who do things together tend to be closer.

6. Give Him Some Space and Show Trust in Your Spouse

A good wife is one who gives space to her husband. Do not cling to him and let him have his personal space. You should allow your partner to go out with his pals, to wear what he likes, and to do what he enjoys.

Similarly, you should also do things that you enjoy for as long as they do not be an issue for your partner. If they cause problems between the two of you then you must discuss the issue and try to solve it.

We hope this guide will help you be a better wife and come closer to your husband.