How To Catch Cheaters On iPhone

How to Catch Cheaters on iPhone

You might have convinced yourself that your partner isn’t cheating, but something seems odd about their behavior lately. Now, you can’t accuse them based on a hunch, but the good news is that you can use technology to your advantage.

If you are wondering how to catch cheaters on iPhone, here is everything you should know about the process.

Do They Keep Their Phone Unlocked?

Cheaters use two approaches.

Some of them will keep their phone locked so that you cannot surrender to curiosity and start reading their messages. If there is a way to find out their password, this would be the first step.

However, make sure to be subtle and avoid asking them directly. It may be wise to act like your phone is empty and ask if you can play games on theirs. The way they respond to their question might also provide some insight and potentially give them away.

There is a whole other group of cheaters who keep their phone open all the time.

They won’t have a problem leaving it on the table close to you, but that is because they are trying to deceive you into deserving your trust.

Despite keeping the phone unlocked, they probably won’t leave it out of sight. However, if you use their lack of attention, and have a minute or two to inspect the device, here is what you should check:

  • Call history – are there any numbers that are not memorized? Some will resort to writing the initials of the person they are having an affair with, but others get more creative and use false names. Look for any contacts that do not seem familiar to you.
  • Text messages – start by visiting their SMS inbox, but do not hesitate to check WhatsApp, Viber, and even social network messages, such as those sent on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Browser history – if there is enough time, check their browser history, too. The information you encounter might raise red flags in your mind.

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Inspect Their Social Media Accounts

Using the opportunity to browse their iPhone will give you access to messages, but you can do some social media snooping from your phone, too. It will take to activate your detective skills, but it may yield some results in the end.

You want to start with your partner’s profile. The chances are you are familiar with their updates and the photos they posted.

But have you ever inspected who liked their pictures?

The beauty of social media is that you can see the list of people who liked a particular photo. Open that list, and start going one name at a time.

Try not to be paranoid because social media can be tricky. However, if you notice that the same person liked all of their photos, or posted weird and unusual comments, that should raise some red flags.

If you have the opportunity, check whether your partner has responded to comments, or liked the posts that person published.

It might not be something that a wise cheater would do, but they might have underestimated your skills in figuring out what is happening.

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Check Their Location

If you are both iPhone owners, you may share an account.

These accounts are often used for purchasing apps, videos, and music and sharing them across multiple devices.

But did you know you can use them to check the partner’s location?

The so-called location sharing feature is also available on Apple devices. You can use it to spy on your partner’s location, but keep in mind that the app will trace their phone, and not them personally.

That is why you should give them the benefit of the doubt because they might have forgotten their iPhone or somebody stole it.

But if you locate your partner’s phone in an unknown bar across town at 1 AM, that is undoubtedly a reason to confront them.

A Detailed Phone Listing

Are you sharing a phone plan with your partner?

Is there a chance to get a detailed phone listing of their calls and messages? If you can obtain that from the provider, you can easily inspect for any suspicious activities.

You want to focus on an unknown number appearing in their history frequently, especially if it seems like they have sent repeated texts to that person. If you remember the hours when they were “missing” lately, you may also want to look for texts around that time.

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Cell Spy Software

If you want the most efficient way to catch cheaters on iPhone, you should resort to using cellphone spy software. These apps enable you to gain remote access to your partner’s phone and monitor all their actions.

The most reliable apps are premium solutions like Cell Spy Stealth. They are incredibly easy to set up because all you need to do is to install a small app on the target device.

That can be done in less than a minute!

From that point forward, you can log in to your account and start monitoring the other party. People also use this app to oversee employees and children, but it is also great to spy on partners.

While you are in your account, you can see extracted information like SMS, iMessages, photos, location, social media messaging, and many other features. Using a cell spy software is like having your partner’s phone in your hands and browsing it.

Since you now have access to all their contacts, you can even resort to calling the person you suspect of cheating with your partner.

You can be smart and use a prepaid SIM card to call to cover your tracks. Introduce yourself as a phone company doing a survey, and try to learn some basic things about them. That will be your starting point to activate your detective skills again and find out whether they could be having an affair with your partner.

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Bottom Line

The sad truth is that technology makes cheating easier as it allows the two parties to arrange meetings easily.

However, it can also offer a way to discover that your partner is having an affair. As you can see, there are various methods of how to catch cheaters on iPhone.

If you are willing to invest some time and effort, you can rely on your inner detective and start investigating. But if you are looking for a surefire way to discover a cheater, cell spy software can provide undeniable proof.