How To Catch Facebook Cheaters

How to Catch Facebook Cheaters

Infidelity has become very common over the last couple of years. Technology has made it easier to get in touch with people from all around the world. It has brought a new term for couple infidelity, digital flirtation.

A recent survey conducted on 5000 Facebook users found out a strong connection between the behavior of people on social media and their relationship troubles.

About 47 percent of the participants admitted to have gotten involved emotionally with someone over Facebook.

Difference between Facebook infidelity and other forms of fidelity is that Facebook cheaters can go on for years being undetected. This is why it is important for partners to be careful.

Want to know if your partner is cheating on you? Check out some tips on how to catch Facebook cheaters:

What is Facebook Cheating?

We all have Facebook friends and chat with them every now and then, so what’s the harm in that?

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Well, being in touch with friends is normal but having a romantic relationship through Facebook is a whole different thing. According to a study, almost 10% of affairs start online.

Facebook provides a clever way to hide your affair. Many users make fake profiles or profiles using fake names to remain undetected. They can get in touch with people from all around the world to start an online affair.

Some of these affairs end in a few months while some can go for a little longer. While not all Facebook affairs end up in a physical relationship, people involved can often get emotionally invested in each other, which equals to cheating.

You start to give more time to your Facebook relationship than your real relationship. It’s a problem that needs to be solved. However, first, it is important to find the culprit.

Let’s know more about  how to catch Facebook cheaters:

#1 Look For Warning Signs

Facebook affairs can stay hidden because there is usually no physical contact. If your partner is spending a lot of time on his or her phone then it’s a sign that he or she is cheating on you.

Other signs include

  • Clicking a lot of selfies that never get posted. If your partner is always busy clicking pictures but he never shows these photos to you or uploads ‘em on the internet then he or she might be sending these pictures to someone else on the internet.
  • Their phone is password protected all of a sudden and you have no information on who they talk to and about what. They also do not want to talk about their Facebook activities and change the topic when you try to discuss it.
  • They’re always texting or calling someone but get uncomfortable when you are around.
  • They spend less time with you and find their phone more important.

#2 Install a Spying Software

There are a number of spying software that can give you access to valuable information including your partner’s Facebook activities. You can use such software to know what your partner is up to.

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The right software will let you know who they talk to and about what. You will be able to read conversations and even see all the pictures exchanged. Plus, some software will even provide call logs and other such details.

Such software can go undetected, making it possible to spy on your partner without any trouble. Plus, you do not have to worry about your partner keeping no log of the chat since the software will be able to store messages and other such information that you can use as proof.

While there are many such software out there, our personal favorite is Cell Spy Stealth.

Available for all devices, this is an affordable spying software that offers some amazing features including GPS location tracking, social media tracking, etc.

Consider using such software to find Facebook cheaters. It will even provide you with proof making it possible to confront ‘em.

#3 Try a Fake Facebook Account

If you are suspicious that your spouse is flirting with their Facebook friends then you can confirm your doubts by approaching your partner with a fake Facebook account.

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There are two types of Facebook cheaters – some like to flirt with anyone and some have online affairs. Using a fake ID will help you know what kind of conversations your partner has with others.

While it’s a very effective way, you must be careful since it is not legal to use someone else’s photos on the internet.

#4 Keep an Eye on Their Facebook Activities

Stalking your partner on Facebook can give you insights into everything you want to know.

Keep an eye on your partner’s profile and activities.

See if they have new friends that you don’t know about.

Pay close attention to who comments or reacts to their posts and how your partner responds to them.

Also, go through their friend list to be sure of who all they talk to. If your partner has privacy on his or her wall, photo albums, and friend list then you can ask ‘em to give you access to it so you can be sure of things.

#5 They are Always Receiving Messages

If their phone is always ringing and they are getting messages regardless of the time then probably they are into another relationship.

They are receiving Facebook messages even in traditionally intimate, late-night hours and respond immediately.

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Their online conversations regularly make their way into your bedroom late at night.

They are protective about their phone and avoid revealing who they are talking to.

If these habits became a routine then it can be an alarming sign that your partner is busy with someone else and Facebook cheating you.

They can also get defensive and may even accuse you of your bad behavior and suspicion. They may ask you to give them their privacy and space and refuse to entertain a single discussion. Maybe they are trying to protect themselves from revealing their secrets that they do not want you to know.

Should I Worry If My Partner is Having a Facebook Affair?

Yes, online affairs can lead to infidelity even if you think it’s harmless flirting. While you should allow your partners to be friends with others, you need to be careful about what kind of bond they share.

Should I Confront My Partner?

Not all online relationships lead to a full-blown affair, yet it’s important to let your partner know you’re aware of their shenanigans. Discuss it with ‘em and why it’s making you uncomfortable.