How To Get Him To Admit He Cheated

How To Get Him To Admit He Cheated

In this day and age, cheating is no more a taboo. In general, men are more likely to cheat. In fact, about 20% of men and about 13% of women reported that they’ve had sex with someone other than their spouse while married, according to data from the recent General Social Survey (GSS).

There is a very small percentage of men who will come clean about cheating. The rest will never admit until they are confronted. The reason why they won’t confess can be one of these:

  • Guilt

Guilt can cause people to hide the truth. Different people react to it differently. Some would confess if they feel guilty to get rid of the burden and some would want to hide it.

  • Don’t Want To Hurt Their Spouse

Most people want to protect their partners from the hurt and the pain caused by the truth.

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Some men are of the opinion that hiding the truth can reduce the hurt and the pain.

  • Don’t Want Family To Be Destroyed

A lot of people hide the truth out of the fear of losing what they have. Not all relationships can survive infidelity, hence some people hide the truth because they do not want to lose their family.

  • It Was A One Time Thing

Some people hide the truth in the name of a ‘nonserious’ affair, hence they do not find it important to share.

  • They Think They Will Never be Caught

Men may hide the truth because they are not afraid of being caught. Some often continue to cheat cause they have no fears.

If you think your partner is cheating on you then work on collecting proof and be sure. However, for some cases, that may not be enough. You may want him to confess the truth.

If you are struggling with the idea then check out some tips on how to get him to admit he cheated:

Tip #1 Casually Discuss The Topic

One way to start is to casually broach the subject. Talk about someone you know who has been cheated on and how she felt and what she went through. It can do two things:

  • Make him nervous and cause him to burp the truth.
  • Make him conscious and force him to try to hide the truth even more.

Highlighting the negative side can force your partner to hide the truth. Hence, be positive and talk about how cheating can be a mistake and how a number of relationships survive such instances.

You can quote real-life examples so that he knows that you will not leave him if he tells you the truth. It is all about taking him into confidence and convincing him that you are willing to give your relationship another chance.

Tip #2 Pretend All Is Alright

Most women tend to be a little hyper if they get even a little hint of their partner’s infidelity. The key is not to be reactive. Instead, deal with the matter in a smart manner.

Don’t make accusations or be overly inquisitive. If your spouse is cheating, and you signal your doubts and suspicions, it’s going to be much more difficult to discover the truth.

You have to stay calm so that he is not on his toes. A slip of tongue can help you find the truth.

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Tip #3 Pull an Easy One – Claim to Know The Truth

Another technique you can employ is to make him think you know the truth even when you don’t.

You can simply ask him questions like:

  • My friend said she saw you with someone earlier. Who was she? 
  • I called your office but they said you were out, where did you go?

He will either find an excuse or fall for the trap and confess.

Tip #4 Gather Proof And Confront Him

The best way to get someone to confess is to gather substantial evidence. There will be no possibility of lying when the facts are there to see.

You can use a variety of techniques to gather proof. One of the most reliable ways is a phone spying software that sits silently and does the homework.

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These software are perfectly legal to use and can be very useful. They go undetected and can give you a lot of valuable information about your partner including his GPS location, call log, etc.

You can use this information to confront him and ask him to confess the truth.

Tip #5 Ask Him When He’s Weak

This is an effective way of getting it out. People tend to speak the truth when they are high. You can use this as an opportunity to speak the truth.
While this trick may not always work but it’s worth a try.

Tip #6 Get His Friends to Confess For Him

Most people confide in their best friends. If you find it difficult to get your partner to confess, you can turn to his best friend or confidante to find out the truth.

What Next?

Forgiving your partner after they’ve cheated is easier said than done. You have to consider numerous factors. The most important thing in a relationship is trust. Once broken, it may never be repaired. However, remember that love always reigns supreme.

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If you two still love each other then you can make your relationship work, otherwise, it is time to move on.

We suggest that you sit down and have a conversation with each other. Give him a chance to explain. As odd as it may sound, some people regret cheating and genuinely want to apologize.

Not all men are habitual cheaters. You should give your man a chance to make things right.

Seek therapy. Speak to each other. Get friends involved. There are a lot of things you can do to come to a mutual conclusion.