How To Get Your Wife To Admit She Cheated

How to get your wife to admit she cheated

Cheating is one of the most horrific experiences one can go through. However, sadly, it is a surprisingly common occurrence. About 81% of people agree that cheating is wrong, however, surprisingly, about 25% of men and 15% of women are likely to cheat.

If you doubt your wife is cheating on you then you must be worried about how to get her to admit. Very few women admit to cheating.

This is why it is important to know how to get your wife to admit she cheated.

First Be Sure That She Cheated

You must have a justified reason to doubt your wife’s loyalty. While hunches are generally right, you can’t blame your partner just because you feel so.

You must know about the signs that indicate your wife is cheating on you. Getting your wife to confess the truth should come after you are sure she is having an affair.

You can’t force her to confess if she’s not cheating on you. Doing so will cause a rift between you two. Hence, be careful.

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Tip #1 Ask Her Straight Away

Honesty is the best policy so why not be honest and ask her to confess the truth. However, make sure to create an atmosphere that makes her comfortable enough to share the truth.

Use a friendly tone. Do not try to intimidate or force her to speak the truth. Be respectful and ask her questions like:

  • Are you cheating on me?
  • Are you seeing someone behind my back?

She may confess and tell you the truth. However, in some cases she may deny the truth and call you obnoxious for doubting her.

If you feel your wife may not confess the truth then you can ask her questions in a twisted manner.

For example, instead of asking her if she’s having an affair, ask her what she thinks of infidelity and what she’ll do if she catches you cheating on her.

You can twist the conversation based on her answer to make her utter the truth.

Tip #2 Beat about the Bush

This is an easy way to get your partner to confess the truth.

Get her engrossed in a random conversation about love and relationships to get her to confess.

You can talk about how movies now show infidelity as a common occurrence or how one of your friends is cheating on his wife.

Ask her if she has ever thought about cheating on you. Such questions may irritate her and she may tell you the truth in a moment of anger.

Such slip of tongue moments are not very rare. It’s all about building tension and taking her to a point where she has no option but to speak the truth.

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Tip #3 Find Proof

People are more likely to speak the truth if you confront them with undeniable proof. There are several ways to gather proof. Some good options include:

  • Listen to Your Partner’s Conversations: Eavesdropping might not be the best option but it can work. You can even find clues which can help you find the truth.
  • Hack Their Phone: When we talk about hacking, we mean to use a phone spy software designed to give you access to your partner’s phone. Hacking may not be legal but installing a phone spy tool to keep an eye on your partner is.
  • Hire a Detective: If you believe in going extreme then consider hiring the services of a detective. It will cost you a lot but you’ll have peace of mind.
  • Follow Your Partner: Stalking your partner can help you gather proof in the form of photos and videos. You will, however, need a lot of free time in hand to make it a success.
  • Verify What She Says: If you think she was out with someone last night but she claims to be at work then call her colleagues to confirm. This is an easy way to find a cheater.

The more proof you have, the better it will be.

Tip #4 Express Empathy

An easy way to get your partner to confess is to show empathy. People hide the truth because they are scared of the consequences. If you convince your wife and took her in confidence, she may speak the truth.

Tell her you are willing to forgive her. However, we strongly suggest not to play with her feelings.

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Tip #5 Tell Her You Cheated on Her

A lot of people hide the truth because they are not ready to face the music. They do not have the courage to be honest.

Knowing that you have cheated as well can give your partner the confidence they need to share the truth.

They may tell you the truth to convince you that it is okay to cheat and that you shouldn’t feel bad or they may use it as an excuse to end the relationship, depending on where they want to take the marriage.

However, you need to be careful because you may get into trouble if you are wrong about your partner cheating on you.

Tip #6 Bluff a Little

You can lie about stuff like:

  • I saw you with someone else.
  • Your friend told me you are having an affair.

She may confess the truth if she feels you already know it. However, make sure to come up with a smart move.

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Think of what you will say to her and plan the conversation in your head so that you don’t get carried away.

How to Deal With the Situation

You got your wife to speak the truth but now you don’t know what to do with your life. The truth can hurt like a hundred bricks but it’s important to be strong enough to deal with the burden.

You will have to make one of the two choices:

  • End the Relationship: It can be difficult if you still have feelings for your partner. Hence, try to make things right. Some couples are strong and can deal with infidelity.
  • Continue the Relationship: If you think you can forget her and forgive the past, only then try to continue the relationship. Also, a relationship will continue only if you both are into it.

All the best!