How To Keep Your Husband Faithful

How To Keep Your Husband Faithful

A million-dollar question that every married woman asks herself every now and then is, “how to keep your husband faithful?”.

We don’t mean to stereotype but men have been known to stray from their relationships. Now, don’t get us wrong. Women cheat as well, but according to reports, men are more likely to cheat than women.

Before we get into the long debate about why this happens and what can you do to change it, you need to realize that cheating is a choice and so is being faithful.

If we look at the stats, the divorce rates due to infidelity have been on the rise for the past few years literally making monogamous men a minority.

Here are a few reasons why men cheat:

  • Bored with their current relationship.
  • They are habitual cheaters and enjoy sleeping around.
  • Less active and uninteresting sex life.
  • They don’t feel loved by their partner.

It is important to know why husbands cheat so you can stop them from cheating. But, remember that you should never blame yourself for why people cheat. It is never your fault. Men or women cheat because they want to.

But, there are steps you can take to keep your man faithful. Now without much ado, let’s have a look at some expert-approved tips that might help you keep that oomph in the relationship:

Partner Enhancement

Partner enhancement or looking at your partner through rose-tinted glasses refers to seeing your partner in a more positive way than they see themselves.

Respecting your partner and praising him can make him feel happy. However, your compliments or praises should feel genuine and not forced or fake. This is a major difference between married and dating couples.

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We tend to praise or appreciate each other less once we tie the knot. While men may still compliment women, it is not uncommon for women to avoid complimenting men, especially because they do not realize that men also yearn for compliments.

They like to be complimented and praised for their skills, abilities, etc. Also, remember that partner enhancement is not only about praising your partner but it’s also about believing in what you say.

Partner enhancement is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a good and healthy relationship.

Considering your partner as the most handsome or beautiful among the group of people you are standing with, perceiving their actions as positive and considering them to be the best for you will not only help you keep your mind and heart on the right track but will also reflect it in your partner.

Here, you need to understand that partner enhancement by no way means that you should turn a blind eye to the negative aspects of your partner’s personality. You just have to strike a balance and work things out.

Make Him Feel Like a Priority

As mentioned earlier, men like to be the center of their partner’s world, which cannot always be true since women also have a life of their own.

As a wife, you need to understand that there is a difference between making him a priority and making him feel like he is a priority.

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Yes, we’re playing with words here. You have to work on the latter, if you can manage the former, well and good. If not, you can always create an illusion.

Take a little time out for your husband, plan cute date nights at home, cook him a meal, help him realize he is important and that you still love him.

Men tend to love women who give them importance and make them feel special. We understand it can be difficult to take time out of your busy schedule, especially when you have kids.

In fact, a lot of women can end up neglecting their husbands once they have kids. Do not make this mistake and divide your time equally so that your partner does not feel neglected.

Don’t Demand Fidelity – Lead By Example

Do not get us wrong. We are not asking you to accept infidelity but we’re asking you to stop forcing him to be loyal to you and the best way to do so is to be loyal to him.

You might have heard the infamous phrase, ‘actions speak louder than words’, so tell him how loyal you are with your actions. If you are faithful, your partner will be faithful as well.

Studies have proven that asking for fidelity almost always prove to be counterproductive.

If you find your husband looking at another lady, try to divert his attention to yourself seamlessly. Don’t do it in a way that is obvious. Put your hand behind your husband’s back, caress him and tell him how handsome he looks.

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If you ask him to stop looking at other women, it may irritate him. Hence, be careful. If you are nice, he will in a minute or two he forget about that other lady and will be indulged with you.

Eventually, he will stop looking at other women as he will realize it makes you uncomfortable without you saying it. However, at the same time, you must avoid checking other men out.

Introduce Intimacy Into Your Marriage

It may sound a little overrated but sex is undoubtedly a very important part of a relationship. Men tend to cheat when they do not get what they want in bed, so be open to new ideas.

Experiment and try to make things interesting for him. If you and your husband have different preferences, then sit down and reach a mutual decision that makes you both happy.

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Never make him feel as if you’re not willing to give him what you want right away. You don’t have to give in but you need to be respectful when handling him.


Men are differently wired as compared to women, hence, to understand your husband and to understand his needs, you might have to lose your perspective and look at him from a different point of view.

The more you make him feel satisfied, the more he will be loyal to you.

However, remember that no two men are the same. So, see what works for your relationship and do it.