How To Not Be a Jealous Girlfriend

How to Not Be a Jealous Girlfriend

It seems like everything is ideal in your relationship. Although you keep checking your partner’s phone when they are not looking, there is no reason to worry. Why you make a big fuss over every little thing then? Don’t you want to trust your partner and simply enjoy the relationship?

It can be difficult to fight jealousy, but if you are willing to invest a bit of time and effort, we will show you how not to be a jealous girlfriend. Take a look at these pointers and apply them daily to see progress quickly!

Establish Your Boundaries

Did you find yourself trying to hack your partner’s Instagram account? Have you tried to track their location by using GPS even though they let you know an hour ago they are heading to sleep?

The situations mentioned above are obvious examples of crossing boundaries. A certain degree of trust should exist in a relationship. If your boyfriend is the answer is usually responding to messages quickly, there is no reason to panic if they haven’t replied in an hour.

Instead of trying to call them ten times, and sending a bunch of messages, try to be patient. They are probably just taking a nap, or their phone is on “silent,” and they are not aware of it. Many people have complained it is their partner being too controlling that caused the relationship to fall apart.

It is okay to exchange messages regularly, but the idea is that no one feels smothered.

The experts advise it is vital not to be critical of every move your partner makes. A better alternative is to wait for a chance to have an honest conversation, and pinpoint what you would like to change.

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It Is Okay to Hang Out With Friends

That applies to both you and your partner. There is no need to spend every second together, and there is no reason to worry if you will be apart for several hours.

Your partner might have told you that they are going to have a drink with their friends in a bar. Perhaps they plan to watch a football game, but you are afraid that a “guys only” night might somehow still lead to meeting another girl.

It is okay to ask your partner where they are going. The chances are they have already told you, including the details about who is coming and when they expect to come back.

There is no need to be too pushy about extra information, or feeling upset that they are leaving.

Remember – your boyfriend is with you because he wants to be. As long as they haven’t misused their trust (by lying or in another way), there is no reason to worry. Instead, why wouldn’t you organize a pajama party for your girlfriends?

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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Maybe your boyfriend has a friend who you believe is much hotter than you. Although they have known each other since kindergarten, you still can’t help being jealous of her.

Personal insecurities are probably the reason why you are comparing yourself to others.

Instead of doing that, try to be confident about your positive characteristics. There are many reasons why your partner selected you.

There is nothing wrong in asking them to name some of your good qualities, but you can also think of them yourself. That is how you will become more confident, and you won’t care about other people in your partner’s life.

Talk to Your Friends

You surely have at least a couple of close friends you trust with pretty much everything. It is time to use them to discuss your jealousy issues. The chances are your friends will offer a neutral perspective to the events happening in your relationship.

These conversations should help you to feel secure. Your friends will be honest in telling you whether there are grounds for jealousy. They may even offer some advice on how to behave in certain situations when you can’t deal with your jealousy.

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Talk to Your Partner

If you want to take your relationship to the next level, it is important that you are both capable of discussing any issue openly and honestly.

Your boyfriend might have accused you of being jealous (without a valid reason). It is time to analyze the situation and admit if they are right.

Tell them that you want to improve, and ask them to be understanding about the process.

You can ask your partner what troubles them the most and start working on improving your behavior in those situations.

You may even establish some ground rules, such as checking in every few hours when you are away, but not more frequently than that.

Trust Your Partner

We already mentioned it throughout the article, but let’s emphasize how important trust is once again.

It is the ground of every successful and happy relationship. Partners need to trust each other, but they also need to be ready not to misuse that trust.

While you are in the restaurant, did he make a joke that made the pretty waitress smile? If he didn’t make a pass at her, why would it matter? Perhaps it was hard to miss making such a good joke.

The only important thing is that your partner cares about you, and wouldn’t change you for anything in the world. As long as you are certain that they feel that way, and they are treating you the way you deserve, there is no reason not to trust them.

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Keep a Journal

A journal is an excellent way of expressing your feelings instead of keeping them bottled up. It can help not only with jealousy but also with other negative feelings. A piece of paper can be an ideal way for venting.

Keeping a journal is also a great way of keeping track of things. You may remember vaguely what happened a couple of months ago, but the journal will be capable of providing all the details.

That way, you can analyze your and your partner’s behavior, and discover whether you were right to be jealous.

The Bottom Line

The key thing to consider is whether you have any reason to suspect your partner is cheating. It is wise to be rational and try to observe everything realistically.

If there is no reason to worry, you will want to try and use the tips from our guide on how to not be a jealous girlfriend.

Start by being honest to yourself and your partner. Establish some boundaries, set the necessary rules, and communicate. Focus on yourself, and enjoy life and the fact you are in a happy relationship.