How To Spice Up Your Marriage

How to spice up your marriage

According to recent statistics, the divorce rate per 1000 population is 2.9% compared to 6.9 percent marriage rate.

It is common for couples to get too involved in life and forget about the relationship. In fact, a lack of spice is one of the major reasons why couples grow apart.

Moreover, a lack of spice does not only lead to divorces but other problems as well including unhappy relationships.

This is a bigger concern in love marriages where the difference is more apparent. If you feel your marriage is losing its charm, you need to make a move today and add spice to it.

It is not only about being good in bed, it is also about being happy together and bringing back the lost charm.

Let’s know more about it:

Stop Fighting and Find a Solution

If you are here reading this article, we assume you are already struggling to keep the fire burning. Such issues can lead to fights and arguments.

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The first step is to make things right and stop fighting about it. You will worsen the situation if all you do is fight.

While makeup sex is great it does not always work. Hence, work on your chemistry and stop arguing.

It is important to find the cause of a dull marriage. Is it you and your busy schedule or is it your partner’s preference. Think a little about the situation but do not worsen things by blaming your partner and arguing.

Even if you think it is your partner’s fault, you should take the responsibility to make things right. They are, at the end of the day, going to benefit both of you.

Now without much ado, let’s have a look at how to spice up your marriage:

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#1 Cook and Have a Romantic Date With Your Partner

Small things at times are all that count.

Take out time to do things for your partner.

Cook for him or her. Take notes guys this one is particularly for you. When was the last time you cooked for your spouse?

Do not worry if you’re not Gordan Ramsey. It is the effort that counts. However, if the end result is embarrassing, make sure to have a backup plan. If nothing else, it will give you something to laugh about.

 #2 Try New Things in Bed

Is your sex life boring and dull? Worry not, we have the solution.

Sex is a need. Women and men both want to have sex. In fact, a lack of sex is one of the major reasons why men and women cheat.

You two need to be very clear about this factor. Talk to each other and be sure of each other’s expectations.

Think about what’s causing you to feel bored in bed.

  • Is your partner not willing to try new things?
  • Are you not having enough sex?
  • Is your partner not able to satisfy you?

The solution depends on the problem. For example, if your partner is afraid of trying new things, you need to have a conversation about it and help ‘em overcome their fears.

If it’s due to disorders such as ED then support your partner instead of making it an issue. Performance pressure can worsen the situation, hence support your partner.

You can try a variety of things in bed including roleplay, new positions, sex toys, etc.

Find out what excites you and talk about it. You may have to take the lead if your partner is not willing to. However, make sure never to make him or her feel conscious or dissatisfied.

There should always be consent. If you two like different things then you will have to find a middle ground.

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#3 Try to Get Sexy

This may sound a little odd to some people but making changes to your appearance can make a lot of difference.

As odd as it may sound, we often get sick and tired of doing the same thing or seeing the same person. No, we’re not asking you to change who you are but you can work on your appearance to give something new to your partner.

Join a gym and get toned. Again, keep your partner’s preference in mind. Try to go for a physique he or she likes. Getting a new haircut or changing how you dress up can also be helpful.

It will not only reignite the romance but also give your personality a boost.

#4 Take a Vacation Together

Taking a break from your everyday responsibilities and going on a vacation with the person you love will certainly help you two reconnect and give you the time to focus on each other.

Try having a second honeymoon. Plan a romantic vacation, you could even go to the same destination as the first time. It will bring back memories.

If you’re worried about your kids, it’s understandable. However, don’t let it stop you.

Find a trusted babysitter and enjoy your vacations. This is very important because having kids can change your dynamics with each other. You can often get too involved in raising a family which can cause you two to drift apart.

Hence, it is important to have some couple time together, away from the worries of family and children. Do what you two love doing the most without the worry.

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#5 Find an Activity to Do Together

Nothing bonds people like shared passion.

Spending time together can be a great way to spark things up especially if you and your spouse have been too busy working.

You can choose from a variety of things including:

Learn a new form of art such as singing and dancing.

  • Go to the gym together.
  • Join a comedy class.
  • Stop What Bores You

Do not stick to a routine that bores you. You do not have to watch a movie every weekend if you are sick of doing so. We do a lot of things out of habit. This can cause us to lose interest.

If you do not want to do it then find something new to do. Trying new things together will help a great deal. If you work hard, you’ll be able to make your marriage exciting.