If My Girlfriend Cheated Will She Do It Again?

If my girlfriend cheated will she do it again

“Once a cheater, always a cheater” is a popular slogan but is it really true? Based on our experience, not everyone is a habitual cheater and just because she cheated on you once does not mean she will cheat on you again.

Men who get cheated on often lookout for an answer to the “if my girlfriend cheated will she do it again?” question. In this article, we’ll answer this question and help you figure out if your girlfriend will cheat on you again.

Your Anxiety is Understandable

About 21% of married men have been cheated on. This is a big number, hence it’s worth finding out if your girlfriend will cheat on you again.

Do not let your anxiety or a lack of faith in your partner worry you. It is natural for men to be more cautious once they have been cheated on.

You may doubt her more. It’s a natural phenomenon and it may take a while – months and years in some cases – for you to get over the initial shock of being cheated on.

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Broken Relationships Can Mend

Some relationships can bear the storm and handle infidelity. If you have been through such a phase, it is quite understandable for you to be worried about the future of your relationship.

We often hear about how some people enjoy cheating on their partners. However, there are also cases where couples were able to mend the differences and lived happily ever after.

This indicates that not all women will cheat again. You need to study the pattern and gauge where your relationship is heading to. If there is no love, then she will definitely cheat on you again.

What Experts Have to Say

Tammy Nelson, the author of the popular book The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity has an answer to the popular “if my girlfriend cheated will she do it again?” question.

According to Tammy, people can change. We should give them the opportunity to rethink, reflect on their actions, and decide what they want to do with their lives.

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She also believes that if you want your relationship to work, you must understand what your partner goes through. She believes guilt and love can make people change, it’s all about making them realize what a mistake they have made.

Carin Goldstein, a relationship therapist working out of Los Angeles, also shares similar views. She explains an easy way to know if a partner will cheat again or not.

“If the betrayer can take responsibility for what happened, usually after a lot of individual and couples therapy, they tend to stay faithful,” she said. “More than that, they need to acknowledge what caused the breakdown within their relationship and understand what factors pushed them to cheat.”

People who stay away from therapy or the idea of working together to mend the relationship are either not interested in carrying the relationship or want to cheat again.

Signs That Indicate She’ll Cheat Again

Here are a few signs that indicate your partner is going to cheat on you again. Make sure to pay attention to these signs and you will get the answer to your “if my girlfriend cheated will she do it again?” question.

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She Declines To Discuss It With You

If a woman declines to discuss the issue with you then she is either too embarrassed to talk about it or she intends to cheat on you again.

Couples who want to make things work sit down and discuss their problems so they can find a mutual solution.

If your partner asks you to get over it instead of answering your questions and discussing the matter with you to make you feel comfortable then she may be planning to cheat on you again.

She Shows No Remorse

If she is not apologetic about her philandering ways then she’s most likely to cheat again.

“I did not plan to have an affair; it naturally happened,” are excuses some people give for cheating on their partners.

While not all affairs are well planned in advance and mistakes do indeed occur, it is important to remember that once is a mistake but twice is a pattern.

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Does Not Confess The Truth

So you caught her red-handed but instead of telling the truth, she’s making up stories.

Not all women would accept that they cheated on you right away. Some do not want to end the relationship, some are scared of facing the truth, and some want to cover up the truth so they can cheat on you again.

She Blames You For Her Mistakes

A woman who blames you for her roving eye is likely to cheat again. It is quite easy to blame outside temptations and a partner for infidelity. But if you are loyal then nothing can make you cheat on your partner.

How Can I Be Sure She Will Not Cheat Again

If she is apologetic and wants to give your relationship another try then she is more likely to stay loyal.

Infidelity can make people be more careful about what they want. The thought of going away from you might make her realize how important you are to her or how much she loves you.

This is also why it is important to consider giving your relationship another chance. As odd as it may sound, cheating may make some people more loyal and less likely to make mistakes.

What If She Cheats on Me Again?

Unless you are in an open relationship, there is no reason to be with a woman who does not value your love.

Being in a relationship with someone who makes you feel unwanted can be very bad for your mental health. It is better to walk away from such a partner than to try to make things work.