Is My Wife Cheating On Me?

Is My Wife Cheating On Me

Being cheated is the last thing you expect in a relationship. However, sadly, about 33% of people cheat in a relationship. 

According to a report, 20% of men are likely to cheat in a relationship. However, the number is not very low for women either. In fact, about 13% of women are likely to cheat.

If you feel your woman has been painting the town red behind your back then it’s time to do a bit of research and reach to the bottom of the issue. 

In this article, we’ll have a look at some signs that indicate your wife cheated on you.

1. Notice Her Body Language

Body language is a very powerful tool, it can help you guess what’s on a person’s mind even if the other person doesn’t want to reveal it. 

Notice how she wakes up and behaves: 

  • Is she acting a bit different? 
  • Is she getting angry and irritated for no apparent reason. 
  • Is she is avoiding you? 

Most couples have a morning ritual. If she feels like deviating from it for no reason then there might be something on her head. Some women behave differently because they are ashamed or apologetic but do not have the heart to speak about the matter.

If you know her well then you will easily notice any changes in her body language or behavior.

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2. She Came Home Late

Now, it is okay for your partner to come home late. But, if she comes home every day at a specific hour but she’s suddenly late without an explanation or phone call then it’s a major sign that she cheated on you.

You should ask about her whereabouts. You have a right to know what your partner is up to, especially if she is coming home late.

Also, pay attention to her condition when she came home. Did a friend drop her? Do you know the friend? Is she afraid of talking about the friend? Things like these can help you find answers to your questions. 

3. She Was Drunk

It’s okay to come home drunk but if she wasn’t out partying yet she’s drunk then she might have been with someone else.

Again, pay attention to who dropped her. If she’s drunk then a friend must have dropped her. You can ask her questions the next day if she is too drunk or high to answer your questions.

It might be a bit difficult to wait for the day but it’s better to let the night pass so you can ask her once she is back to her senses. However, if she declines to answer your questions the next day or acts apologetic then she might have cheated on you.

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4. She Murmured In Her Sleep

Pay attention to what she says in her sleep as most people can spit out secrets when they’re asleep. If she takes someone else’s name or talks about an affair, then it’s a sign she cheated on you.

5. She Promised To Meet You But Forgot About It

You two were supposed to spend the night together but she never showed up and didn’t answer her phone. What was she up to? Your guess is as good as ours.

6. She’s Wearing a Different Outfit

So she left the home in a black LBD but she’s coming back home in a white shirt. While a woman may have a lot of reasons to change the outfit, you need to be sure as such sudden outfit changes may indicate cheating.

7. She’s Paying More Attention to Her Phone

If all of a sudden she is too busy with her phone and is protective about it then it might be a thing of worry.

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8. She Lied to You

Most people lie because they do not want to get caught. If you catch her lying to you about where she was last night or what she was up to then she might have cheated on you.

9. She Mentioned Something About Last Night

So she wakes up in the morning and she talks about how much fun the two of you had last night. It’s alarming when you two weren’t even together. This is a major sign that your partner cheated on you.

10. She Is In a Very Good Mood

It’s good for your partner to be in a good mood but if she is more jubilant than she usually is, then she might have done something exciting last night that’s causing her to blush.

11. She Is In a Very Bad Mood

If she wakes up feeling irritated or apologetic then she might have cheated on you. 

12. She Rushes Out Without Talking to You

So you wake up in the morning but she’s nowhere to be seen. There are no notes, no messages, and no phone calls. It might be a sign that she cheated and has now gone to get rid of the proof.

13. She Wakes Up Wanting to Break Up

You wake up and before you can reach the loo, she says she wants the relationship to end. You don’t know why she’s behaving this way. It all looked good last night.

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People tend to want to break up when they find someone else, hence it might be a sign that she cheated.

14. She Thinks She’s Pregnant

For most couples, it’s a happy moment but if your partner wakes up paranoid wondering if she’s pregnant – for no reason – then it’s a sign that she cheated on you.

As odd as it may sound, some women get worried after an encounter with a stranger. 

Be Careful – Too Much Is On The Line

While the signs explained above can help you find the truth, they do not always mean your partner cheated on you. She might have been busy with something else the last night. Do not let your doubts ruin your relationship.

Be respectful and have a conversation with your partner about your doubts. Also, some relationships can survive cheating, so be sure about where you want to go next.