8 Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Most Common Reasons For Divorce

It doesn’t take an expert to conclude that the number of divorces has increased over the last several years.

Are you wondering why that is the case, and why people are deciding to give up on something that was supposed to last “until death do you part?”

Take a look at the list of the most common reasons for divorce, and discover what hides behind two spouses parting their ways.

1. You Don’t Feel The Love Anymore

The relationship was amazing, and the marriage functioned well. But lately, you are not feeling the love anymore.

It’s the little things that changed – your spouse might not be giving you those gestures of affection. It has been a while since you went out on a date, and hugging and kissing is a seldom occurrence.

If you think about it, you are also having problems showing love and appreciation. It might have been lack of commitment or the time that turned you more into friends than marriage partners.

It is not easy to reignite the old spark, which is why many spouses decide to separate.

2. One Of You Cheated

According to reports, cheating is among the most common reasons for divorce. Spouses are often willing to tolerate flirting with friends or unknown people, but if they find out about infidelity, it is a red flag that triggers filing for divorce.

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You don’t have to be the cheated partner to leave. If you had an affair, you should also wonder why you searched for someone outside of your marriage. It is a sign that something is not working well in your relationship.

Try being honest with your spouse, and see if there is a point in continuing your marriage. If you can find a reason why you would give it a shot, go ahead.

But if you don’t, it may be smarter to give it another go with somebody else.

3. All You Do Is Fight

It is never pleasant to be in the same home with a person you are constantly fighting with, especially when the arguments are usually pointless.

Everyone has a conflict occasionally, but it is important to show a willingness to deal with issues calmly.

If you feel like you can’t have a normal conversation with your spouse, it is the first indicator that your overall communication is low. And if you are not arguing, then you are either watching TV or playing games on your phone.

It takes a lot of skill to develop marriage communication, but you want to show that you capable of listening and providing support or useful advice.

The point is not to criticize but to encourage mutual sharing and resolve problems together. Those spouses who do not achieve that level are better off divorcing each other.

4. You Don’t Want Children

We’ve now come to a touchy subject, but one that we have to mention. The reason why some marriages fall apart is that one of the spouses doesn’t want children.

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They imagine a future that involves spending time with their partner traveling, and doing other activities, but children are not a part of that image.

It is important to note that this should be among the priority issues to discuss before you get married. If you are not on the same page for major life decisions, marriage might not be a smart idea.

5. Financial Issues

We are living in times where many families are struggling to make ends meet, and finances can meddle in your quality of life in many ways.

For example, both spouses may be working hard to earn money, and they barely see each other. Over time, it is only natural that they grow apart, and it’s no wonder that they decide to divorce.

A reason for divorce may be a different financial style. You might be a saver that is thinking about long-term investments, but your spouse might be a spender who likes to buy things now.

These habits can create conflicts, and those arguments may be a trigger to leave the marriage.

6. No Support From The Family

Whatever you do, it means a lot to have support from your family. You also feel more comfortable if your family is okay with the selection of your life partner.

It makes things a whole lot easier because there won’t be a problem when you have to visit them. If your family doesn’t approve the choice of partner you have made, you may be forced to choose between them and your spouse.

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Your partner must give their maximum to establish and maintain the best possible relationship with your close ones. You should honor birthdays, anniversaries, and other crucial events in both families.

It is only by maintaining the right balance that you can get family support, which can make things a lot easier.

7. The Spouse Is Violent Toward You

We feel obligated to mention this, but it is quite obvious. Domestic violence is always a valid reason to leave marriage and file for divorce.

Violence doesn’t have to include physical contact because there is also emotional and verbal abuse.

Emotional abuse involves shameful name-calling, blaming and shaming in hostile tone and in front of other people, constant criticist and desire to control, refusing to communicate as a form of punishment, isolation from family and supportive friends, etc.

If you can recognize the pattern, and these things are repeating, they can be a sign of verbal and emotional abuse.

You have the right to leave if you are the victim of that and any other form of domestic violence. Furthermore, you should file for divorce as soon as possible.

8. Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can involve drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, although not many people consider the last to be a serious problem.

If you notice any signs of substance abuse before marriage, it might be wise not to get married. The abuse and problems caused by it may become more severe in marriage, and they often lead to domestic and other types of violence.

In some cases, one of the partners may start using drugs or drinking excessively after entering the marriage.

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You can find many guides that explain how you should deal with an addicted partner. As a spouse, you should give your best to help them.

However, some people won’t even admit that they have a problem, and that is why substance abuse is one of the most common reasons for divorce.

It is hard to be supportive, especially if the addicted spouse has multiple relapses, and doesn’t show any effort to get rid of his addiction.

In that case, it can be understandable why the other partner decided to leave the marriage.