My Boyfriend Is Texting Another Girl Behind My Back

my boyfriend is texting another girl behind my back

So you found your boyfriend texting another girl behind your back and now everything seems to be crumbling. A relationship is based on trust and once it gets breached, there’s no relationship.

It can be pretty heartbreaking to find out the truth about your partner but remember that the truth is always better.

In this article, we’ll have a look at how to know if your boyfriend is texting another girl behind your back and the things you can do to handle the situation.

How Can I Know and Verify If My Boyfriend is Texting Another Girl Behind My Back?

Do not be the person who doubts her boyfriend for no reason. You should be sure about things before you question him.

The best way to keep an eye on your boyfriend is to use a tool like Cell Spy Stealth. This cell phone spy software offers reliable results and is safe to use.

It will give you remote access to rich data including calls, GPS, and texts. Plus, it comes with free lifetime upgrades with no monthly charges.

Trying to unlock his phone to read messages or asking your friends to keep an eye on him is risky and not worth the effort. It’s best to use technology as your most lethal weapon.

Cell Spy Stealth and other such software work on a variety of mobile phones and also go unnoticed. Plus, the record can serve as proof if you decide to have a dialogue.

It’s important to have a record since your partner may deny all allegations if you have no proof to back it up. Merely saying ‘I saw you text someone’ is not enough.

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Understand That It Might Not Always be What You Think It Is

Just because you saw your boyfriend texting another girl doesn’t mean he’s up to something. He might be talking to a friend or having a chit chat with one of his buddies.

You need to be sure of his antics which is why we suggest you use a spying software. A lot of girls make the mistake of reading just one text and jumping to conclusions.

This can harm your relationship. Reading a message (out of context can) give you the wrong idea. It’s important to read the entire conversation and know what he’s really up to.

A spying software scores brownie points in this regard as it gives you access to the entire thread, allowing you to understand what’s cooking. Plus, you can even get his call data to verify the information.

Do not ruin your relationship merely based on doubt.

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Relax And Think About It

The situation can be difficult to deal with but it’s important to not lose your composure and to stay strong.

Sit down and think about your relationship. Do not be in a haste and confront him right away. You need to look at the situation and find the right time to have a conversation regarding the matter.

Moreover, you can use this time to gather more proof or know about the situation. Is he really cheating on you? Who is the girl he’s talking to? Try to find answers to these questions if you can so that you have a solid case when you finally question him.

Discuss With Someone Else

It might be a good idea to discuss the situation with someone you trust in. It could be your best friend, a family member, or a professional.

Speaking about the situation will help you cope up with it. However, make sure to only talk to someone you completely trust.

Confront Your Partner

Once you are ready, it is time to confront your partner. This does not have to be dramatic. Ask him straight up what he’s been doing behind your back.

Tell him you know about his shenanigans and you want an explanation. If he declines, show him the proof you have collected.

Do not let emotions fool you. Stay strong and demand an explanation because it is your right.

Also, do not let him blame you for the circumstances.

Remember that you do not break up until you break up, hence know where to draw the line. Do not say things you should not say.

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Get Ready to Answer His Questions

He will ask you a lot of questions such as:

  • Why have you been spying on me?
  • Do you trust me?

You must know how to answer such questions. This is why it is important to prepare beforehand.

Plus, he may give you an explanation to justify his behavior. Think critically and make a decision that benefits you.

Know Where You Want to Take The Relationship

Very few relationships survive infidelity. If your partner is cheating on you, then you must decide where you want to take your relationship.

Remember that just because he’s texting someone else doesn’t mean he’s cheating on you. He might be having a flirtatious conversation with a friend. Some couples are okay with healthy flirting and some are not.

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Create Rules and Stick to ‘Em

Every relationship needs rules that both partners need to follow. In case you have decided to give your relationship another try, you must lay out a plan and ask him to follow the rules.

This will ensure you do not have to be in a similar situation in the future. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with a cheating partner. It breaks your confidence and can send you into a state of depression.

Such decisions should be taken with a lot of care. So sit down and know how you want to handle the situation.