Should I Save My Marriage Or Move On?

Should I save my marriage or move on

So your marriage is on the rocks and you’re not sure if it’s worth saving or not. Don’t worry, you are not the only one who is looking for an answer to the dreaded ‘should I save my marriage or move on’ question.

A lot of men and women go through the same dilemma, especially after they find their partners cheating on ‘em. In fact, cheating is one of the major reasons for divorce. Other reasons include a lack of compatibility, poor financial conditions, and a lack of love and sex.

Whatever the reason, you need to think a lot before you decide to pull the plug on your relationship. It’s not easy to end a marriage, especially if you are in love with each other.

In this article you will find out if you should save your marriage or move on, and have a look at some signs that’ll help you make the right decision:

Signs That Indicate You Should Save Your Marriage

If you see one or more of these signs then it is best to give your marriage another try:

  • There is Still Love and You Want to Be Together

There is no stronger relationship than love. If you two are still in love then you should definitely give your marriage another chance. Staying away from someone you love can be very difficult. For your own sanity, it is best to rethink and consider giving the marriage another chance.

It is fine if you two argue – lovers argue all the time. If the arguments do not escalate or result in emotional trauma then it’s not a good reason to call it quits.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is your happiness. If your partner keeps you happy then you should consider continuing the relationship instead of calling it quits.

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  • The Problems Are Temporary

Every relationship goes through ups and downs but people who want to be together somehow find a reason to be together.

If he or she is too busy working or there are financial issues then you should work on making things right instead of calling it quits.

Such problems are temporary. You will be able to control things if you work together and find a solution to the problem instead of walking away. In fact, pressure from your partner can make things even more difficult in such situations.

If your partner is working late these days, you should be by their side motivating them to do better instead of complaining about a lack of attention.

Realize that it is just a phase and things will be back to normal in no time.

  • He or She is Truly Sorry for the Behavior

So your partner hasn’t been nice to you. They cheated on you or made you feel miserable but they’re truly sorry for what they’ve done and want to reconcile.

No matter how big the fault is, if you think you two should live together then there is no reason to end the relationship.

Understand that people make mistakes all the time, but if they’re apologetic then you should reconsider your decision.

Some experts also believe that realizing their mistake can make some people more loyal, which reduces the chances of similar occurrences.

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Signs That Indicate You Should Move On

If you see one or more of these problems, then it’s best to pack bags and find someone better to live your life with:

  • A Constant Cheater

If your partner does not believe in monogamy or loves to paint the town red with other people then you should consider walking away. There is no need to be in a relationship where there is no loyalty – unless you’re in an open marriage.

Over 40% of men and women are likely to cheat while in a relationship. While some people are apologetic, many are habitual cheaters and would continue to cheat behind your back.

If you are caught up in such a situation then it is best to pack your bags and leave as living with a person who does not value you can be detrimental to your mental health.

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  • Poor Sexual Relationships

Sex is one of the most important parts of a relationship. If your partner is not able to satisfy you in bed and you find no solution to the problem then it might be a good idea to call it quits as being sexually unsatisfied can result in problems including infidelity.

However, remember that some problems can be cured. Erectile Dysfunction, for example, can be controlled if you have your partner’s support.

If such is the case, you should try to make things easier for your partner instead of putting more pressure on him to perform.

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  • Abusive Relationships

About 29% of women say that they have been in an abusive relationship. This is a huge number that shows the sad state of affairs.

Sadly, men have to face abuse as well. In fact, about 10% of men in the US have reported of being in an abusive relationship.

When we talk about abusive relationships, we do not only mean physical abuse but mental abuse as well.

If your partner tortures you physically or mentally then it is best to walk away and find someone else.

Being in an abusive relationship can harm you in a lot of ways. It can make you hate who you are and also prevent you from living life to the fullest.

Should You Save Your Marriage or Move On: Conclusion

Take your time and make this decision after looking at things from all perspectives.

It can be very difficult to handle such situations. Breakups and divorces can leave people devastated. It’s important that you stay in control of the situation and reach a conclusion after much deliberation.

If both of you want to continue to live together then it’s best to try to save your marriage. However, if you think there’s no future then it is time to move on.