10 Signs a Man Slept With Another Woman

signs a man slept with another woman

Love is a beautiful feeling that binds two souls together. However, like most other things, relationships are also not guaranteed to last forever.

It is reported that around 20% of men cheat on their wives for various reasons. While it’s not a good deed, wives need to stay vigilant if they wish to save their marriage.

A man who has slept with another woman will act strange, try to avoid contact and might not show the same interest in you as he did before.

Let’s know more about the 10 signs a man slept with another woman:

1. He Came Back Wearing a Different Outfit

So he left home in a black t-shirt but comes home wearing a white one. Let your inner detective get to work. There’s no reason for him to change his clothes.

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You can casually ask him for an explanation, without making it sound like an interrogation. He might be visiting someone else.

2. He’s Asking For More Privacy

When men cheat on their women, they look for privacy. Why? So that they could keep their affair up and running in secrecy.

Your man might be wanting to call or text the woman he’s seeing behind your back which is why he needs privacy from you after so many years of marriage.

If you feel that your partner is trying to get distant and opting for privacy in the name of work then it could be a sign that he’s up to something.

3. He Does Not Discuss His Routine With You

What does a loving couple have in common? They both love to share how their day went and what they did. Most couples sit down together in the evening and talk about how their day went.

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It’s a ritual, especially when both partners work. However, if your partner has suddenly stopped discussing his routine with you or hardly mentions work then he might be up to something behind your back.

4. He’s Starting To See Problems In You

A man who cheats will find problems in his spouse. If your man has been complaining about how you look, how you cook, what you wear, and how you behave with him then it might be due to his roving eye.

Another reason for this behavior is to hide his wrongdoings. He might want to point out your shortcomings so that you don’t get to question the sudden change in the behavior.

5. He Only Hangs Out With You When He’s Free

Couples need to spend time together and take part in activities. For this, they have to go out. It’s normal for newly married couples to spend a lot of time together but things eventually begin to downhill as both the partners get busy in their own routines.

It’s fair for your partner to be busy but if he only spends time with you according to his schedule and pays no attention to what you have to say then he might be going out with someone else.

6. He Compares You With Others

Men often compare their partners with others, especially when they begin to lose interest or begin to find someone else more interesting.

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It can be a big concern if he talks about how others are better or different in bed. It might suggest an affair.

Men usually start comparing small things such as fashion sense and accent and then move to other factors. The more he begins to know the other person, the more he will compare the two of you, sometimes subconsciously.

7. He Mentions Other Women

Your man will have female friends. It’s natural and normal but if he begins to mention women you do not know of or if he changes the topic when you ask him more about a specific woman then he might be sleeping behind your back.

8. He Wants To Spend Time With Someone Else

If your partner doesn’t feel excited to see you anymore and wants to stay out most of the time then he might be sleeping with someone else.

He might go out with friends or lie about who he is with. If he begins to come home late everyday or spend more time outside without telling you where he is, then he might be painting the town red with someone else.

9. His Phone is Suddenly Password Protected

If your man’s phone has a password then it could be a thing to worry about – especially if he did not have a password before.

Most people communicate through text messages and phone calls. If he is having an affair, he’d put up a password so that you cannot use his phone. This can be a major sign of something being wrong.

Plus, if he hides the phone from you or steps out to have a conversation when he receives a call then he might be sleeping with someone else.

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10. His Sex Appetite Has Fallen

Is he never in the mood? Why would he be if he’s getting from somewhere else. It is natural for sex drive to reduce with time but if he is always tired and sleepy, then he might be sleeping with someone else.

Be Sure Before You Pull the Trigger

Just because you see the signs given above, does not mean your partner is cheating on you or that your man slept with another woman.

For example, he might be coming late due to changes in work routine or he might be sick, forcing him to say no to having sex.

As a partner, you should be careful and respectful. These 10 signs a man slept with another woman are only to help you understand your relationships.

Do not put baseless allegations. If you feel your partner is cheating on you then work on finding proof. Not all relationships survive infidelity but some relationships can, so see where you stand.