8 Signs He Found Someone Else

Signs He Found Someone Else

You may be in a new relationship, or you have been dating the same guy for years. Either way, something doesn’t seem right, and you are afraid that your partner is seeing another woman.

If your gut is telling you that something is off, perhaps it is time to check out the signs he found someone else.

They will tell you if you have valid grounds for your suspicion, or you accused your man of no reason!

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1. His Schedule Suddenly Became Full

When you first started dating, it was much easier to arrange a date. Now, it seems that everything needs to happen on his terms.

He may be free for you only once or twice per week and during the particular timeframe.

Unless your partner has a valid excuse, such as a new job or a huge project at his current one, you should wonder why he doesn’t have free time anymore.

Does that apply only to you, and he is available to see other women?

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2. Phone Has Become His Best Friend

We can’t live without our phones these days, and checking up notifications regularly has become normal. However, it seems that your partner has taken smartphone use to a whole new level recently.

If he seems to be typing messages all the time, and he is laughing at his phone, it may be the reason to start worrying.

If you have the chance, you may want to check his phone and see if they are typing another woman.

According to experts, catching him off guard and trying to take his phone can tell you a lot. If he starts acting nervous, and he demands it back, he is probably hiding something.

If the opportunity arises, you should look for messages and calls from unknown numbers, or any other indication of his affair.

3. He Called You Another Girl’s Name

Some people tend to make these mistakes, and you might even be understandable if you are one of them.

On the other side, your partner should be among the most important persons in your life, and it’s one of the few people whose name you would never say wrong.

It may seem like an honest mistake, but have you ever wondered why he chose that particular name?

Does it mean anything to you, can it maybe be from one of his exes? Should you consider that he is in contact with another girl now?

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You should probably react as soon as he calls you the wrong name. Ask him who that girl is, but avoid being angry immediately.

If the explanation seems valid, accept the fact that it may have been an honest mistake. But keep an eye on for girls with that particular name!

4. His Social Media Behavior Is Odd

Social networks are an excellent place to stay in touch with old friends, share what’s happened in your life, and find someone to cheat your partner with.

If your boyfriend or hubby has found someone else, you might notice some of these signs on social media:

  • Ignoring your likes, comments, and tags – he is extremely active on social media, but he ignores your comments. Can it be because he doesn’t want someone to know you are his girlfriend?
  • He rarely posts photos with you – if you take a look at his profile, you will only find a couple of photos where you are together. Unlike that, there are numerous pictures of him alone or with his friends, and he is often the one sharing them.
  • You noticed one particular name – we are living in a social media era, and you can’t pay attention to every like and comment your boyfriend gets. However, you noticed that one particular name keeps appearing, and she is leaving quirky comments and liking every photo.

5. You Don’t Talk About the Future

Some men have commitment issues, and it may be difficult for them to open up about their future. That may be okay if you are at the beginning of your relationship.

If it seems that you have a solid ground, and you can start talking about the future, you should wonder why your boyfriend is avoiding that.

It doesn’t have to be a distant future but perhaps discussing the option of living together or any other plans that go beyond the next couple of days.

If he is ignoring that discussion and seems like he is uncomfortable, keep in mind that he may be seeing himself with another woman in the future.

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6. No Meaningful Conversations Anymore

It is not only about the future – it doesn’t seem you are having meaningful discussions anymore. You talk considerably less than before, and your overall communication is at a low level.

The fact that your boyfriend is not that eager to talk to you might be one of the signs he found someone else.

If he doesn’t open up to you about his work and other issues, is it because he is opening up to another woman?

7. He Doesn’t Show You Small Gestures of Affection

Saying “I love you” is nice, but sometimes, it is the small stuff that shows that. You remember the times when your hubby was only your boyfriend, and he was willing to go to the store only because you felt like eating something sweet.

Today, he doesn’t even want to go to the kitchen and get you a glass of water. Even if you politely ask him, he refuses and tells you to get it yourself.

Where did all that affection go, and is he showing more interest in someone else?

8. He Is Nervous Around You

When you are together, your partner seems to be at the edge of his seat. If you start a discussion about something that includes other women, or any other important issue, he starts being nervous and tries to talk about anything else.

Although this may not necessarily be the sign that he is seeing another woman, it is an indicator that he is hiding something from you.

Give Him the Benefit of the Doubt

You may be scared of infidelity because of your insecurities, or the fact that your ex cheated on you. Maybe your current partner already had an affair, and you are afraid that he will cheat you again.

Either way, it is important to keep your fears under control and avoid acting irrationally.
If you read the article carefully, and you noticed multiple signs he found someone else, it may be the right time to confront your partner.

You can even consider getting the actual evidence that there is another woman in his life. However, it is vital to have an honest conversation to clarify the issue so that you can move forward.