8 Signs He Has Feelings For Someone Else

Signs He Has Feelings for Someone Else

When you first got together with your boyfriend, everything seemed great. You have been in a relationship, maybe even marriage, for a while now.

However, something seems off lately. You don’t know if you should trust your gut, which is why you would like to look for signs he has feelings for someone else. Take a look at this guide, and discover what may give him away!

1. You Don’t Get As Much Attention As Before

It is the oldest rule in the book – if your boyfriend likes someone else, he will probably focus on that person.

That can be the reason why you and your relationship haven’t been getting as much attention as before.

You may start noticing the little things. For example, your partner may not be willing to get up and get you a glass of water from the kitchen.

You may notice that he doesn’t kiss you as often as before, and small gestures of affection, such as hugs, are also missing.

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Although that doesn’t have to be a sign that your boyfriend is in love with someone else, it can still be an indicator that something is wrong.

That is why you should find an opportunity to talk and express your concerns.

2. He Misses Anniversaries And Doesn’t Talk About The Future

It’s not only about the little things because your partner seems to be forgetting important dates, too.

Has it been your anniversary and he forgot even to mention it? Or it was your birthday, and he failed to buy you a present?

Apart from missing milestones and important events, your boyfriend might also refuse to discuss the future. We are not necessarily thinking children and getting old together.

Even if you mention how your life is going to look like in several months, he stays quiet or tries to change the topic.

The fact that he is not considering your future may be one of the signs that he imagines it with another woman.

3. He Is On the Edge of His Seat All the Time

You say that you want to talk, and what you want to discuss is a problem that you have been having at work.

However, you notice that your partner acts surprised or becomes scared as soon as you mention talking.

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It’s not only that – it seems like he has been at the edge of his seat all the time. It is a sign that your boyfriend may be living in fear that you will discover he has a crush on someone else.

Furthermore, if he acts jumpy, it may be an indicator that he acted on his feelings, and that is something you need to investigate.

4. No Communication at All

Your partner may be scared that you are going to figure out what’s happening, which is why they might avoid talking to you at all.

It is the safest way of protecting himself and ensuring he won’t say anything wrong.

Apart from that, his newly-discovered feelings may affect the wish to talk to you. Your boyfriend might prefer to imagine being with the other person or spend time texting them.

Overall, poor communication is an indicator of relationship issues, and it is something you want to discuss.

If you want to save your relationship, it is better to be calm and rational than yell during the conversation.

5. He Doesn’t Want to Be Seen with You in Public

Has it been a while since you went on your last date? Did you suggest going to that new coffeehouse that opened up in the heart of your town, but he refused?

Did the same happen when you wanted to go to the movies, and it now seems like he doesn’t want to go out with you at all?

You should consider the possibility that he doesn’t want to be seen in public with you because you may run into the person he likes.

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It may be one of the things that give away his attraction to another woman. Or he doesn’t only has a crush, but an affair, and he doesn’t want you to discover it.

Some men are more careful than others, and they may steer clear of particular locations and city areas.

They might be willing to go out with you in a part of the city where they believe there is no danger of encountering that woman.

But if they are refusing to visit a specific place, such as the movies, multiple times, you should wonder why that is the case.

6. He Doesn’t Respond to Calls or Messages

It is the oldest sign of having someone else in the book. If your boyfriend isn’t responding to your messages quickly or doesn’t answer when you call, you should ask yourself why that happens.

Keep in mind that it can happen to anyone once or twice, or when they are at work. But if it takes them hours to call you back, or answer your text, you should question their dedication to the relationship.

And if your boyfriend regularly answered at the beginning of the relationship, and that stopped in the meantime, it should raise even more suspicions.

7. He Says Goodnight Early

Has your boyfriend been complaining that they are overly tired lately? Is that the alleged reason why he is going to bed early, and wishing you goodnight at 9 PM?

That sounds like something you should double-check. Perhaps your partner is working long hours, and he genuinely needs a rest.

But maybe all he wants is to say goodnight so that he can spend time, or look for the person that is the object of his crush?

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Social media can be a giveaway in these situations. Make sure to check their activity on Facebook and Instagram, and see if they were active after they “went to sleep.”

You can also check WhatsApp, Viber, and other messengers because you might discover when he was “last seen” on the network.

8. He Goes Out With His Friends Frequently

Has your boyfriend been hanging out with his friends often recently? Does it seem like he has more desire to go out than usual?

And does it seem like you are never invited, and even if you go, everyone acts like you are not part of the company?

It may be an indicator of problems in your relationship, as well as one of the signs he has feelings for someone else.

If you have concerns of this nature, you should speak up, and discuss it with your partner as soon as possible.

That is the only way to know whether the relationship is worth saving, or it is time to move on without him.