11 Signs Husband Likes Coworker

signs husband likes coworker

Your hubby recently got a new job, and everything seemed great. However, things have become unusual lately, and your gut is telling you that something might be wrong.

You can’t be sure, but it seems like they have become too close to a female colleague.

Before you face them, make sure to check out at the 11 signs your husband likes a coworker. These will there you whether you have grounds to worry and confirm if your hubby is having an affair.

1. Working Longer Than Usual

Has your husband been working long hours lately? He might tell you that the company is working on an important project, but you are worried because staying late at work isn’t something that your hubby did before.

Sorry to break it to you, but the chances are that you have reasons to worry.

Working long hours is the most common way of covering up an affair. If your spouse got a promotion or a salary bump that can justify working longer, that’s understandable.

But if there doesn’t seem to be a valid explanation of why they are suddenly working long hours, perhaps it is time to start asking questions.

2. Business Trips

Hotel walls are willing to shut up about what is going on inside them, which is why they are a perfect place for an affair.

However, your husband needs to cover up the fact that he is absent, which is why they might make up business trips.

Now, this may be tricky to figure out if your hubby’s job is the one that requires frequent travels. In that case, you may ask for more information about the hotel and see whether they are hesitant to share it.

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3. Dressing Up for Work

While it is normal to dress nicely for work, keep in mind that most men aren’t willing to go the extra mile in taking care of their appearance unless they have a reason to do so.

A special event or a big meeting is something that you can understand, but if your husband is dressing up every day, consider that a red flag.

Take some time to compare the way they dress to before you suspected an affair. If they are wearing new clothes and expensive perfumes now, they might be hiding something.

4. His Car Smells Weird

When we say weird, we are actually telling that his car smells of female perfume. And it’s not your perfume.

Checking out your hubby’s vehicle may be a great way of looking for clues that they are having an affair.

You shouldn’t focus only on fragrance but look for other hints, too. For example, two cups in the holders are an excellent sign that someone else has been in the car.

You may also look for bills that he forgot in the vehicle as they might tell you more about your husband’s whereabouts.

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5. You Are Not as Close as You Have Been

Although this doesn’t only apply to work affairs, it is also an excellent indicator that something is going on between your hubby and their colleague.

The math is simple – if they have someone else, they won’t be willing to invest as much time and effort into maintaining the relationship with you.

Don’t neglect the big signs, such as missing your anniversary or birthday, but look for small clues, too. For example, if you are talking less than before, or your sexual intercourses are not that often, it may be a reason for suspicion.

6. He Skips to Mention a Particular Colleague

One of the 11 signs that your husband likes a coworker is that he avoids mentioning them.

If he is eager to talk about everything that happens at work, but constantly misses to mention a particular person, it is only valid to ask why that is the case.

Your hubby may also avoid talking about work altogether because he is afraid that he doesn’t slip up and mention something he shouldn’t. If you insist on discussing his work, and he keeps diverting the discussion to other topics, that gives you valid grounds to suspect an affair.

7. He Always Talks About That Coworker

Sometimes cheating spouses take a different approach – they always talk about the colleague that attracted them.

Some do that because they want everything to seem normal while others are excited that they can mention them and get away with it.

The next time your hubby mentions his coworker, look for emotions on his face. If they seem too emotional or eager to talk about them, you might have a problem.

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8. You Are Not Welcome at the Office

If you want to see whether your husband is having an affair at work, how about visiting him at the office? You might mention that you plan to bring him lunch tomorrow and see how he will react.

Furthermore, if you feel it is necessary, head for a surprise visit. Any husband would be delighted if their wife prepared him a nice lunch, right?

If they look more worried or angered than surprised, that may be a red flag.

9. He Doesn’t Take You to Work Events

Your hubby’s company is making a big party for the end of the year, and spouses are also invited, but he doesn’t insist that you go. Furthermore, he suggests that you stay home or even fails to invite you.

It is even worse if you were his regular companion to work events, but that has stopped being the case recently.

10. You Heard Office Gossip

You probably know a couple of coworkers from your hubby’s work, and the chances are you all spend time together.

If somebody made a joke on account of your husband and another colleague, it is time to start wondering. After all, nobody would make such a joke without reason.

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11. He Spends a Lot of Time on His Phone

We have all become tech addicts nowadays, but it seems that your hubby is spending a lot more time on his phone than before. You can see that they are messaging someone, and it is impossible to miss the hidden smiles after they read a message.

That is the right time to ask them who they are messaging. Even better, try to use a lack of attention moment to check their phone for yourself.


It may not be easy, but we hope that these 11 signs your husband likes a coworker can help you in discovering whether they are having an affair. But remember, it is vital to stay rational.

Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt, and try to discover as many facts as possible before accusing them.