10 Signs My Ex-girlfriend Wants Me Back

Signs My Ex-girlfriend Wants Me Back

Women, as the Quantum Physicist, Stephen Hawking said, are the “biggest mystery in the universe”.

There is literally no way to decipher what a woman is thinking at any given time or what she wants from you.

Breaking up with your girlfriend can get pretty rough at times. It can get even messier when you regret the breakup and want to make amends.

In situations like these, girls usually refrain from sharing their feelings. They will never tell you if they really want you back.

In fact, it is not uncommon for women to get rude or react differently after a breakup, even if they want you back.

A girl will, in most cases, never admit that she misses you and your best chance to find out is by deciphering the signs she is giving.

Even if your relationship has ended a long time ago, it leaves back traces of desire and love. Sometimes, with time these tiny fragments of emotions erode, however, in some cases they only build up more.

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You being here, searching for ‘signs my ex girlfriend wants me back’ shows that you clearly miss her. There is nothing to be ashamed of, missing your ex is only natural.

So, without further ado, let’s find out if your ex really wants you back or was it a misunderstanding.

1. She Established Contact Again

If your ex is trying to establish contact again, without you contacting her, there is a big chance that she wants back in.

If your ex starts texting you or calling you out of nowhere, it might be her way of showing that she wants to revisit the relationship you two had.

2. Social Media

If you both are still on each other’s social media, there is a chance that you two might end up together, AGAIN.

On top of this, if your ex starts liking your posts or starts commenting on them, there is definitely something going on in her mind.

Also, look for her posts… is she suddenly posting throwback pictures with you in ‘em? This can be a major sign.

3. Turn to Common Friends

Since you two were in a relationship, you most definitely have more than a few common friends.

If you, by any chance, meet up with any of the common friends and get told, ‘your ex was worried about you’, ‘you ex was asking about you’, ‘she misses you’, etc. it is highly likely she was the one who sent the message.

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If such is the case, you can ask the common friend if they want to get back or not. Who knows, they say spill the beans.

4. They Are Opening Up to You

If you have had any experiences with breakups, you will know how loved ones become strangers in a matter of minutes.

Even if they remain ‘friends’ they hardly talk to each other and there is awkwardness in between.

However, if your ex starts opening up to you, talks about the good times you had, shares news about her life, and asks you for advice, then she might be hinting at revisiting the relationship.

5. If She Shows Signs of Jealousy

If you want to make sure your ex wants to get together with you, then look for signs of jealousy.

See how she reacts when you give attention to others. If she is jealous then you still matter to her.

6. Her Relationship Status

If your ex asks you about your relationship status then she is preparing to enter your life again.

Also, find out her relationship status. If she is with someone, then she most probably isn’t interested in you anymore.

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However, if she’s still single or she had a breakup then she might want you two to get back together.

7. Long Messages Post Breakup

If your ex sends you long messages after a breakup then she’s regretting the move and most probably wants to get back together.

A lot of us make the mistake of breaking up in anger and regret it. For some of us, the only way to show this regret is to type long messages, many of which never get sent.

8. Her Behavior at Social Gatherings

Even if a relationship does not end on a bad note, exes do avoid each other at social events.

However, if your ex acts friendly and wants to pose with you at a party or spend more time talking to you then she most probably wants to get back with you.

9. Drunk Texting or Calling

As cliché as it may sound, drunk texts and calls can tell you what your ex really feels for you.

If she drunk dials you then she most probably still has feelings for you. Even if she doesn’t say it over the phone, know that she is still thinking about you.

10. Physical Contact

If you find your ex touching you from time to time, trying to hold hands, giving you goodbye hugs and kisses, etc., then you have got to look at this as a sign that she wants back in.

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Being comfortable in holding hands with your ex or giving warm hugs is not at all normal unless you two miss each other.

What To Do If My Girlfriend Wants Me Back?

Think about why the two of you broke up. You two do not necessarily have to get back together just because she wants to.

Look at things in a critical manner. See if you two can be together and if there is scope. It is not very uncommon for couples to want to get back together right after a breakup, so give it some time and let things get back to normal.

After a few months, you will realize where you two stand and if you two really want to continue your relationship or not.

Note: Remember that it may be a good idea to talk to your girlfriend if you feel she wants you back. Never assume things on your own.