8 Signs She Is Having An Affair At Work

Signs She Is Having an Affair at Work

Your wife was always a dedicated worker, but her working behavior seems a bit weird lately. You have a reason to suspect that she is cheating, but are your suspicions valid?

Take a look at these signs she is having an affair at work, and find out whether she is faithful to you!

1. Staying Long Hours

It is only normal that you will start doubting if your wife is staying longer at work than usual. It is crucial, however, to give your spouse the benefit of the doubt here.

There might be a chance that she is staying longer because they are working on a special project, or they expanded their business recently.

You may want to ask your spouse for more details about her staying late. She will probably tell you her side of the story, and it is up to you whether you will believe it.

If you don’t think it is true, you can try showing up at her office with dinner or flowers. It will not only be a way to check up on your wife, but also a nice surprise and a gesture of affection.

2. Important Projects Showing Up Suddenly

More often than not, this sign will be combined with the previous one. Your wife might tell you that her company got an important project.

While that is good news or the enterprise itself, it will also mean that your spouse will need to work more than usual.

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She may even be creative enough to think excuses, such as working on the project in a group with a bunch of coworkers.

The story might be that they are getting together at someone’s house, but she is seeing a single coworker for whole other reasons.

Once again, you shouldn’t be afraid to get a bit nosey if you want to clarify the situation. Start by asking politely about the project, see what your wife is going to tell you, and do your investigation.

You may search for more information about the project or her company online.

3. Changes in Working Patterns

You can see that many of these indicators are closely related to spending more time at work. In some cases, women will get a bit more creative. They will try to tell you that they have to change their working patterns.

For example, your wife might say that she will have to take a couple of working Saturdays every month.

It is an extra load, but it will bring a bit more money and a chance for promotion. It sounds believable enough, but it may be one of the signs she is having an affair at work.

4. Traveling a Lot

Some jobs involve traveling a lot and changing cities. Your wife’s company might have branches in nearby cities, and they might have regular meetings she has to visit.

But does it seem your wife is traveling a lot more than usual these days? She keeps talking about meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events.

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However, none of them are in your city, which is why she leaves for a couple of days, and sometimes even for the weekends.

Fortunately, these claims are a bit easier to check than your wife’s working schedule.

If there is a seminar or conference in another city, you might be able to find something online.

You may need to do extensive research, but sooner or later, you need to find a trail about at least one of the events that she visited lately.

5. She Dresses Up More Than Before

You have to dress nicely for work, and that is perfectly normal. But you know who you want to dress up for the most? That’s right; for the person that you like!

If your wife is into one of her coworkers, she may dress up more than usual. We are not talking about wearing a dress, or a skirt and jacket combination.

She might buy a new perfume or put It on, or wear her most expensive makeup and necklace.
When it comes to women dressing up, you need to look for small things.

These are the best indicators that she is dressing up for someone.

If you see that your wife’s dressing is getting more provocative or she is trying more than usual, it may be a sign to start worrying.

6. She Is Secretive About Her Work

You and your wife are long-term partners, which is why you tend to share everything and keep your relationship secret-free.

That is particularly true when it comes to working. Your wife knew to come home and gossip about her coworkers for hours. However, that suddenly changed in the last couple of weeks.

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She has become secretive and doesn’t share as nearly many details as before. If you ask her how was work, you will get an answer that it was fine.

That may be a sign of two things. The one better for you, but worse for your wife, is that she might be having problems at work.

The managers might threaten that they will fire her, or something else went wrong, and she feels bummed about it.

The alternative is that your wife refuses to talk about work because she is afraid she might slip up about the coworker she likes.

You may want to insist for her to tell you more as finding more information will minimize your assumptions and fears.

7. Not Answering Their Phone

You can’t answer your phone while you are at work all the time. However, your wife has always found enough time to type a message every couple of hours or answer when you are calling.

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That hasn’t been the case lately as your wife has not been answering your calls at all. It is particularly weird if it is after hours, or when she is traveling to another city.

You may want to point that out, and see how your wife is going to react. Explain your concerns politely, and you may notice an improvement in her behavior soon.

8. You Don’t Feel the Same Connection

It is not only about work – it seems like you are not communicating like before. And things go even beyond that – you don’t feel that the connection with your wife is at the same level as it used to be.

You don’t talk as much as you did, and you are arguing all the time. That is not only about a potential affair, but it is also a sign your marriage is going through a rough patch.

It may be the right time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your wife. You want to find out if there is anything behind the signs she is having an affair at work.

Try to make it a rational and calm conversation.

The ending goal should be to find the truth about a potential affair. If it turns out that your wife is cheating, you will need to decide whether you should stay together, or it is time to leave.