9 Signs You Can’t Trust Her

Signs You Can’t Trust Her

You have a beautiful girlfriend or wife. It seems like your relationship is going well, but you still cannot be completely happy.

You have trust issues, but you don’t have the slightest idea if you have valid grounds to suspect your partner.

That is why we prepared an article where we discuss signs you can’t trust her. Take a look at these things that may reveal that your partner is hiding something!

1. She Is Flirting With Others Often

We all like to engage in an occasional flirt. It is a way of boosting our ego and making ourselves feel better.

However, it’s not cool if your girlfriend is flirting while you are next to her, especially if she does that too often and direct.

The fact that she doesn’t hesitate to flirt with others when you are around isn’t encouraging, and it makes you wonder what she does when you are absent.

The experts suggest keeping an eye on her as it may be one of the signs that she is not completely invested in your relationship.

2. You Haven’t Met Her Friends Yet

Your relationship might be in the beginning stages, but if you’ve already spent a couple of months together, you should meet her friends. If that hasn’t happened, it may be time to wonder why.

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Do your partner’s friends know something about her that you don’t?

Perhaps she doesn’t take you too seriously, and it is only a matter of day when she will break up?

Maybe she has a crush on somebody from her gang, and she doesn’t want you there.

You should avoid acting angry, but try to mention that you are willing to hang out with her friends, too.

Tell her that you want to meet the gang, and watch her reaction because it can tell you a lot about how she feels.

3. Not Answering Her Phone

When you only started texting, it didn’t take more than a minute for your girl to respond. Today, you send her a message and wait hours for her to reply.

It is a big change, especially if you notice that she was active on social media or messenger.

You should give your best to discover the reason behind your partner’s not answering her phone. Maybe she is angry about something you did, or simply busy at work, but maybe she is spending time with someone else.

Either way, it is one of the signs you can’t trust her because a partner in a serious relationship would never intentionally ignore the other party for hours.

4. She Cancels Dates Frequently

You probably know that this is a reason to worry, but we feel the need to point it out one more time.

If your girlfriend cancels date plans frequently, it may be because she doesn’t want to see you at the moment, or she has better plans, which usually involve someone else.

5. She Has a Shady History

How much do you know about your girlfriend?

You may have spent a couple of months together, but did you have enough time to talk about her past?

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Perhaps someone told you about your girlfriend’s shady history. She may have the reputation of a cheater, or she only had short relationships throughout her life.

Although that can be a sign to be careful, you should give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was like that in the past, but she changed that because of feeling proud to be your girlfriend.

6. You Don’t Know Enough About Her

It is not only about knowing your girlfriend’s past, but also her current life, and the way she thinks about the future.

Those are all things that you will reveal with time, and it is important for both of you to open up and talk about everything.

At some point, you might realize you know enough about your girl to trust her. Until then, it is better to be safe than sorry, which is why you should stay cautious.

7. She Already Cheated On You

This one is obvious, but we feel the need to mention it. If someone has cheated on you, that automatically makes that person less trustworthy. It is a plus if your girlfriend was honest and admitted her mistake.

However, you still need to analyze the situation and think about next steps thoroughly. Nobody will blame you if you leave.

And if you stay, work on rebuilding trust, and make her realize she can’t make the same mistake again.

8. You Don’t Leave Home Ever

Whenever you are seeing your girlfriend, it seems to be in a home setting. You are watching movies and preparing meals at home, and it seems like you never go out together.

Have you ever wondered that your girlfriend might be hiding your relationship from someone?

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You may need to be tactful in this situation. Feel free to suggest going for a walk a couple of times. Try to be polite, but insist that you feel like going out.

If your girlfriend remains persistent in staying at home, share your concerns, and watch her reaction.

Who knows, maybe she didn’t realize what’s going on, and you may have a date in the heart of the city tomorrow.

9. She Gets Overly Defensive For No Reason

You may try to talk to her about something without the desire to judge or be negative, but your girlfriend becomes overly defensive.

For example, you may ask if she had a good time hanging out with her friends last night. If you asked it nicely, and without any hidden intentions behind the question, there is no reason for her to get defensive.

However, people that have something to hide change the topic, or immediately move into a counterattack.

If your partner tells you that you have no right to criticize she went out or says she is not obliged to report everything to you, it may be wise to start wondering why she impulsively replied to a polite question.

Can The Problem Be On Your End?

If you went through all the signs you can’t trust her, and it seems that your partner is trustworthy after all, it is time to have a conversation with yourself.

You need to be realistic and wonder whether the problem lies on your end.

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Perhaps you have been cheated on in the past relationships, or you have another reason why you can’t trust anyone.

In that case, you may want to talk to your girlfriend and tell her you are going to try hard to improve. She should offer support on that road, and avoid giving you any reasons not to trust her.