10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Sleeping With Someone Else

signs your boyfriend is sleeping with someone else

In an ideal relationship, everything works flawlessly and nobody cheats. Unfortunately, the reality is often different, and partners in long-term relationships are susceptible to cheating.

Are you having doubts about your boyfriend? Do you think he might be cheating you? Take a look at the 10 signs your boyfriend is sleeping with some else.

1. Did They Start to Use a Second Phone?

They may tell you it is a work phone, but you can see them typing messages late in the evening. Moreover, there was no need for a work phone in the last couple of years they spent on that job. Why would they suddenly receive one?

A more realistic option is that they are using that other phone to communicate with the person they are cheating with. See if you can be smart and check the phone when they are not around. If it is locked, that is only more reason to be suspicious.

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2. They Are Coming Home Late

It wasn’t common for your boyfriend to work overtime before, but they have started coming late recently.

They might have told you the company is working on a huge project that requires working longer, or that they received a promotion that comes with more responsibilities.

An excellent way to check this is to inspect their paycheck.

If they got a promotion, or have been working longer, their salary should increase.

If they haven’t received a raise or a bonus, that can be a sign they are using work as a cover for their cheating endeavors.

3. It Takes Forever to Get a Reply

It never took your boyfriend longer than 10-20 minutes to respond to your message.

However, you’ve now noticed that it takes them an hour or more to reply. Additionally, they do not respond to your calls immediately. It is okay to miss a phone call once or twice, but not answering frequently is a sign to start worrying.

The reason why they are not answering to you might be because they are texting or spending time with someone else.

You can try to ask them politely to answer your calls or reply to your messages. If that doesn’t work, do not hesitate to confront them, and observe their reaction.

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4. Sudden Presents Without a Valid Reason

People that are in a long-term relationship might do a bad thing and feel guilty afterward.

Cheating is on the list of those “bad things.” More often than not, boyfriends try to iron things out with a gift. While an occasional surprise is nice, you should be careful if you are getting high-value presents for no particular reason.

Boyfriends may try to redeem themselves with these gifts. You may not be aware of the cheating, but they are. The presents are a way of making them feel better by doing something beautiful for you.

5. They Are Forgetful and Less Attentive

You are used to your boyfriend being attentive. It was never a problem to ask them to get you a glass of water from the kitchen or go to the store to buy some candies.

The problem is they do not seem like they care lately. Even if you ask for a small favor, they ignore you.

Apart from being less attentive, they also started forgetting anniversaries and other important days, as well as arrangements that you two made. A certain degree of forgetfulness is understandable, but if they seem like they don’t care at all, it is a reason to start worrying.

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6. Taking Too Much Care About Their Appearance

Some males are exceptions to the rule, but men are not too careful about their appearance.

Yes, we are living in the 21st century, and regular shaving and bathing are normal. However, if your boyfriend seems to take more care than usual about his appearance, you may consider asking him why.

Another thing to pay attention to is how often they are hitting the shower. If they are heading to the bathroom as soon as they come back home, they might be trying to wipe away the clues of their misconduct.

7. They Do Not Seem Too Eager For Sex

You may not be as passionate as when the relationship started, and that is normal.

However, it seems that the sex drive of your boyfriend is down recently. They might not seem eager for some bedroom action even when you initiate it.

It does not necessarily mean this has to do with cheating. Perhaps your partner has some concerns or health issues. Try to ask them politely if anything is wrong. If they say everything is alright, it may be time to consider the possibility of them having someone on the side.

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8. New Moves in the Bedroom

Over time, you learned which moves you can expect from your boyfriend in the bedroom.

However, the last time you had sex, it seemed like he brought some new moves. Perhaps it was a moment of inspiration, but if it happens the next time again, your inner alarm should start beeping.

Try to think rationally – perhaps they only want to add some creativity and passion to the bedroom.

But if it seems like they changed their style completely and suddenly, you might start wondering why that happened.

9. Finding Small Clues in Your Surroundings

You found a bill from the coffee shop across town, although you know there was no reason for your boyfriend to go there.

Other things out of context might include an extra shirt or clothes in the car, or two cups in the holder. Why would your boyfriend have two cups in his car when he is the only one driving it?

Try to look for anything out of context, but make sure to stay realistic. Do not try to force things into the frame of adultery without necessity.

10. You Don’t Spend Enough Time Together

These can be connected with some previously mentioned signs.

However, if you have a feeling that you don’t spend as much time together as before, it can be an indication that they are spending that time with someone else.

If you feel like you are alone all the time, it may be time to share your concerns.

Bottom Line

The critical thing to remember is that it is hard to generalize the indicators of adultery. If you believe you have reasons to suspect, we hope these 10 signs your boyfriend is sleeping with someone else will help you to confirm (or throw away) your suspicions.

However, it is vital to remember that you should approach the matter realistically. Do not exaggerate, and do not be afraid to ask your partner questions that may help you to determine whether they are cheating.

An open and honest relationship isn’t based on assumptions, which is why you shouldn’t be afraid of communicating with your boyfriend if anything is bothering you.