9 Signs Your Wife Is Having an Affair

Signs your wife is having an affair

When an idea of cheating crosses your mind, stress occupies the whole body. Dealing with that kind of problem is tough, and it could affect other areas of your life, not just emotions.

The only solution to these feelings is to discover if your wife decided to be unfaithful to you. That means you should start looking for signs your wife is having an affair.

There are several ways to get the answer you need. You could go out and try to find a private detective, but that will cost you numbers with a lot of zeroes. And now you ask yourself, “But, how would I know?”

Usually, if you already found yourself thinking about it, you already have a suspicion something is going on. Either something is missing from your relationship, or you’re already a victim of infidelity.

Indications of unfaithfulness look different in every relationship, but there are common ‘signs’ that may be revealing. The most important one is that if your gut is telling you to keep digging to try and find something, there may be something to find in the end.

1. She Is Often Staying Late at Work

Sounds familiar? Well, you should be careful if she put in too many extra hours in the office lately. Women tend to tell their husbands that they are staying late at work to cover up their late-hour affairs.

Even if there is not an affair in sight, if a woman likes a coworker, she will tend to stay and work late hours just to be close to him. That doesn’t mean they are romantically involved, but it may mean she is ready to cheat on you.

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2. “Issue of control”

This issue is often voiced by the ones that are cheating. They tend to complain that their spouses are too “controlling.”

Whether it is true or not, it is in many situations an excuse for infidelity. Your wife may be starting to ask for more space, and even if you give it to her, she will still act the same, often just like you are friends, not lovers.

Is your wife often complaining about you being too controlling? Does she mention how she is feeling watched all the time and needs air to breathe? If that’s the case, you may be on the right track.

3. Your Spouse Is Often Unreachable

If your wife has been unreachable lately, and she takes to long to answer your calls or texts, she may be paying attention to someone else.

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An excuse you may often hear is that she was driving, or she was in a meeting. She may even tell you she is in a zone with no cellphone reach. If she is unreachable while on a business trip or working late, that is a bad sign.

4. She Becomes Obsessed With Her Phone

You remember the time when your wife used to leave her phone all over the house, and now she takes it literally everywhere with her. She may even be mad at you if you try to reach her phone.

In some cases, that could be a reason to worry, and one of the signs your wife is having an affair. If she is constantly updating her social media, always texting or checking her phone, it may be an indication that she is invested in another person’s life.

5. She Is Suddenly Very Secretive

If she became secretive about her new friends, her working schedule, or where and with whom she is going out daily, you should begin to dig deeper. Women that are cheating their spouses often try to cover up their meetings with lovers with some casual excuses.

If she left you out of the picture and you are completely blind about what is going on in her life lately, you should ask her if something is going on. See what she is going to answer and be reasonable – you may have read the signs wrong after all.

6. Your Wife Acts Bitter to You

Cheaters are likely to rationalize their behavior. If your wife is cheating you, she may try to push the blame onto you. She may say that you are not adventurous enough, that you don’t look as you did when she married you or that you do not appreciate things she did for you.

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In her head, these are excuses for her to go and have fun elsewhere. Sometimes she may subconsciously behave judgmentally towards your relationship to justify her actions.

7. Her Friends Are Uncomfortable Around You

When you are a victim of infidelity, you are probably the last person to find that out. On the other hand, the friends of your wife probably knew that from the start. Even your own friends are likely to find out before you.

The knowledge of your wife’s unfaithfulness may cause her and even your friends to act uncomfortable around you. Her friends may be overly nice or trying to avoid you at any cost. Your friends may be avoiding any conversation about relationships with you.

8. She Is Avoiding You

If she is cheating on you, she may be able to keep up the charade of a happy marriage for a while. But, as time passes by, she won’t be able to erase the thoughts of her lover even when she is spending time with you.

If you are talking about serious matters, and she is having dreamy eyes, that is a very bad sign. All of that may make her avoid you so you don’t get suspicious when she is only physically present.

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9. Unexplained Expenses

If there are strange charges on your wife’s credit cards, or there is out of the blue less money in her or your account, those could be possible signs of infidelity.

If you ask her about it and her answer does not sound sincere, it is because probably it is not honest. It costs to be unfaithful: trips, dinners, gifts, wine, hotel rooms, etc. If you see purchases from the places that are not frequent in your marriage, try to find out more about here spending.

These Signs Are Not Evidence

None of the signs your wife is having an affair might not be actual proof. That is why it is essential not to become paranoid right away. Sometimes humans just tend to worry about something, even if there is nothing to worry about.

But, if you do happen to notice some of these signs in your marriage, talk to your wife. If something is happening, she may tell you because guilt sometimes can be unbearable. Then you should decide if you are ready to forgive and move on or pack your things and move out.