9 Texts To Send Your Ex To Get Him Back

Texts to Send Your Ex to Get Him Back

We are living in modern times where people rarely send letters. Today, we do most of our communication via messaging.

Whether we like it or not, we have to get used to the new technology. If that is the case, why we wouldn’t use that to our advantage?

If you broke up with your boyfriend, you might want to patch things up and get back together. In that case, you will want to learn more about types of texts to send your ex to get him back.

Here is a detailed guide on how to utilize technology to maximize the chances of reuniting with your former boyfriend.

Things to Avoid When Sending Texts to Your Ex

Before we start, let’s acknowledge that texting your former boyfriend is risky. First, he might not answer. Even worse, he may answer negatively. Additionally, you may realize at some point that you don’t want to reunite after all.

It is important to do assess the above possibilities and be comfortable with them. That includes being certain getting back together is the right move.

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That being said, there are some other things you should avoid:

  • Avoid drunk texting – communicating with your ex is like walking on thin ice. It is easy to lose balance and fall into the water. Drunk texting is a guarantee of taking things too far and committing long-term damage.
  • Avoid being negative – arguments might have been one of the reasons for your breakup, which is why you should try to be as calm and rational as possible to get back together.
  • Avoid texting when you feel lonely – that is not fair to yourself or your ex. Don’t text him just because you don’t have anyone else to text.

Finally, make sure to give both of you some space after breaking up. Many experts call this the no-contact rule.

Time spent apart might help you both to see whether separating was a wrong decision. Before you check-in again, give it at least a couple of weeks.

Happy and Optimistic Message

We already discuss that you should avoid acting negative, and that implies that you should look as positive as possible. Men don’t like negativity, and they steer clear of it.

Ultimately, why would you bother your former boyfriend with anything negative, even if it has to do with him or your relationship?

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Instead, focus on the positives and send an optimistic message. Above all, it is crucial to be short. Here are some of the examples that you can use:

  • I finally got the courage to go snowboarding. It was great! Remember when I was talking about it?
  • I finally finished watching Game of Thrones (or any other show). You were right – the first couple of seasons are the best!
  • I went to the theater and saw this show. It is amazing, and I think you would love it!

Why is this one of the most popular types of texts to send your ex to get him back? First of all, you let him know that you are doing fun things instead of crying over your relationship.

You also tell him that you are not upset and you are open to communication. Your former boyfriend may have wanted to text you, too, but they thought you are angry or hurt.

Seeing any message from you will give them the strength to continue communication and try to win you back.

These messages are also a great way to test your ex’s desire to communicate. If you see that they respond with a desire to continue texting, that’s a great sign!

Be Intriguing and Show That You Are Fun!

It’s hard to go through a breakup, but it is important to learn how to love yourself again.

That is why you may want to focus on yourself, head on a diet, or go to the gym.

Additionally, do anything that makes you fun!

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You can choose one of the activities that you talked about with your ex, but you never got to do. You can focus your messages on that.

  • I managed to run for ten whole miles today. Remember when I didn’t even want to walk to the store?
  • I finally visited Jamaica. Remember how I was always talking about going there? The country is amazing!
  • I jumped out of a parachute today! Remember how afraid of height I was before? It took a lot of courage, but I managed to deal with my fears!

The idea is to be gently provocative and woke up his interest. The first message will tell him that you are doing well, and you are exercising, which should also mean that you look well.

The second one tells about an amazing trip, and your ex-boyfriend’s ego will surely wonder who you went with to Jamaica. It is how the male brain works.

As for the last message, it will show him that you are an improved version of yourself capable of facing your fears, which is always a positive thing.

Play the Nostalgia Card

The idea of these messages is to show your ex that you thought of him at some situation, but that doesn’t mean you are thinking about him all the time.

Here are some examples so that you can see how you should shape the message:

  • I am at an ABBA Tribute concert (or any other band), and I remembered how much you love them. You were singing (playing) Fernando (any other song) all the time!
  • I walked by that bar where you took me for our anniversary. Remember how amazing that music band was?

The first message is a gentle way of telling him you were thinking of him and your relationship. The second text is bold, and it will take courage.

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You can make the message simpler and tell them how you heard a song that reminded you of him, but the choice is completely up to you as long as you make it personal.

Be Honest

The last type of texts is one where you are honest and avoid beating around the bush. The message will immediately tell him that you are thinking about him and looking to reconnect in some way.

It comes down to this, but feel free to adjust the template to your situation.

  • Hi, it has been a while since we talked. I was wondering how your day was going and had you managed to pass that exam (get that scholarship, job, etc.)?

It is one of the texts to send your ex to get him back that requires the most courage. You are putting him in the driver seat, but if he replies quickly, you have good chances of coming back together.

Remember, there is no magical text, so make sure to keep things slow and move gradually. If you do things right, you will be holding hands again soon!