What To Do When Your Husband Has an Affair

What to do when your husband has an affair

You’ve just realized that your hubby is cheating on you. Those are not pleasant news, and you don’t know how to cope with that information. If you have to deal with adultery, you’ve come to the right place.

Our guide will tell you what to do when your husband has an affair, but it is important to remember that it is a process. Take a look at the article below and find out how to make the first step in dealing with your hubby’s infidelity!

Take a Moment for Yourself

The first thing you want to do is to accept the new situation. The facts are obvious, and maybe even your spouse admitted the affair. It is now vital to take a moment for yourself and deal with your feelings.

When we say a moment, we are talking about a day, two, or five. The initial feeling you will experience is a shock, but anger and sadness might follow.

The goal is to accept the facts and be ready to take rational steps to repair (or end) your relationship.

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Don’t Leave Immediately

You may think about leaving your husband immediately and filing for divorce, but it would be wise to have some patience.

Divorce should remain one of the options until you are certain the adultery issues are behind you, but you should avoid making any rash decisions.

That being said, you might want to consider going to a friend’s or your parents’ place for a day or two. It will give you the necessary time to get your thoughts straight.

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No Room for (Too Much) Anger

Even though you are a woman, you should act like a gentleman. That means there is no room for anger outbursts, although you should clearly express your feelings. Even though you should tell your husband he needs to take responsibility for the affair; you should use every opportunity to blame them for your marriage problems.

Avoid Getting Even

Another thing that you will want to avoid is getting even with your husband.

If you are thinking about cheating on them, think again. First of all, that wouldn’t make things better, and you would only damage the marriage even more.

It would be even worse if you already have children because they should remain your top priority during the entire process. On top of that, you are giving your hubby the grounds to blame you for your relationship failing, too.

Rely on Your Friends and Family

At this point, you need support. That is why you should rely on your friends and family, and spend as much time with them as possible. If you feel like it, talk about your marriage problems. You may even get viable advice that you can use.

However, tell your friends that they shouldn’t insist on talking if you don’t feel like it. If you prefer blowing off some steam, head out or hang out at home gossiping about other things.

In other words, do everything that may put you in a better mood.

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Get Yourself Ready for “The Talk”

The reason why you took some time for yourself is to calm down and be certain that you can avoid big outbursts when talking to your husband again. Once that you are confident that you can act rationally, it is time to have a big talk about the affair.

Ask your hubby to be understandable, rational, and ready to answer any question you may ask. Also, make sure that they won’t avoid answers or leave in the middle of the conversation. The discussion may last for several hours, but it is one of the crucial steps for the future of your marriage.

What Should the Conversation Look Like?

It may be easier if you have an outline prepared, but it is hard to predict the information you will discover during the conversation. Here is something that you can use to get started:

  • Gather all the facts – ask about the duration of the affair, how often your husband has been seeing the other woman, are they still in contact, etc.
  • Eliminate any guesswork – aim to ask for all the information you need to avoid guessing because guessing leads to overreacting. Additionally, ask them to be completely honest, but also skip a detail or two that is not relevant to the story, but may hurt you.
  • Tell them to end the affair – it would be ideal if they already stopped messaging and seeing the other woman, but if they didn’t, make that a requirement if you plan to work on your marriage.
  • Talk about future behavior – it may be wise to agree on how your relationship should work in the future. Perhaps your partner should check in every couple of hours, or you think of some other way of rebuilding trust. Either way, be honest about what you expect from them in the future.

Head to Couples Therapy

If you feel like you gave your best to achieve a solution through discussion and things still don’t work out, perhaps it is time to look for an alternative.

The best move you can make is to hire a relationship specialist that might help you to establish communication and overcome the issues you are having.

Couples therapy is great because you have an experienced mediator who knows how to push through stressful situations in marriage. They will tell you what moves you should make and help you to settle any differences.

It may be best if you agree to go to counseling together, but you can also consider going by yourself at first. However, if the therapist insists, you will probably have to bring your husband at some point, too.

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Be Patient with Rebuilding Intimacy

If you are going to save your marriage, you will need to rebuild trust and intimacy. That is not an easy thing to do, and you will both need a lot of patience and effort.

Be particularly careful when it comes to sex. You shouldn’t rush with having intercourse or feel pressurized. Furthermore, don’t do anything until you feel you are completely ready.


We hope that this article helped you when it comes to what to do when your husband has an affair. The final tip we can give you is to be patient and take it slow. Adultery is a big problem for your marriage, and you can’t expect the wounds to heal quickly.

Give yourself time to recover and see whether you can repair the relationship with your hubby. It is vital that they are willing to go the extra mile, too, because restoring trust will take a lot of work.