Why Do Husbands Cheat On Pregnant Wives?

Why Do Husbands Cheat On Pregnant Wives

It is not very uncommon for partners to cheat on each other. However, very few of us understand how the scenario changes when the woman is pregnant.

This is a sensitive phase. The wife is going through a phase which can be difficult for some women due to hormonal changes.

Pregnancy often leads to more fights and arguments but in some cases it can also bring two partners closer to each other.

But, the fact is that men do cheat on their wives, according to reports. In fact, according to a study, around 10% of men end up cheating on their pregnant wives.

In fact, most experts believe that more men are likely to cheat when the woman is expecting. But, is it something you should worry about… we suggest not to as being worried when you’re pregnant can lead to troubles.

In this article, we’ll talk about why husbands cheat on their pregnant wives and what you can do to control the situation. Let’s get started:

A Lack of Sex – The Types of Expectant Fathers

Expectant fathers can be divided into three types depending on their attitudes and personalities.

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Here’s the list based prepared by some expert psychologists:

Type Z: This type of men actually want to cheat on their wives during pregnancy. 

First off, let’s make it clear it that it has no effect on their fathering instincts.

The Type Z has a natural inclination towards cheating on their spouse, they have raging hormones and testosterone, hence they are not able to cope up with their partner’s changing moods.

Plus, some men are used to cheat. It’s built into their system and they will cheat no matter what the scenario.

Type Y: The Type Y desires his wife more than ever, even though she wades off any advances he makes. He will probably not cheat. 

Type Y men have great fatherly instincts and are more likely to respond to an infant’s cry and the like.

They will want to have sex but will care more about the fetus’s health and therefore not want to engage in intercourse during the third trimester.

Type X: These men usually have a lower sex drive during their wife’s pregnancy and probably can be placed in a group of men with the lowest risk of cheating on their spouse. 

Type X men have a high level of prolactin rather than testosterone. So they are less sexually aggressive and combative.

All in all, this depends on how much you want sex and for how long you can abstain from it. This is important because some women might not be able to have sex or good sex while they’re pregnant.

Can You Have Sex With a Pregnant Wife?

Yes, you can.

According to science, there is no harm in sex during pregnancy. In fact, some people believe that it is good to have sex when you’re pregnant as it can help you during labor.

Experts believe that reaching an orgasm can help women deliver normally and reduce the risk of LSCS.

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However, you must stay away from trying certain positions during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. Plus, it may also be wise to stay away from sex toys during pregnancy.

However, you should have no sex if your doctor asks you to abstain from it. In some rare conditions, sex and other such physical activities can harm the baby.

This is why it is important to visit a gynecologist and hear what they have to say. This will ensure the mother and the baby remain safe and healthy.

Understanding it From the Perspective of Fathers – They May Not be Ready for Change

Looking at the issue purely from the perspective of the father to be, another reason why men might cheat on their pregnant wives relates to the fear of being left behind or more realistically the fear of being left out.

After all, the mother develops maternal instincts which can lead to a change in their overall attitudes towards their husbands.

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Women go through a change in attitude towards sex during their pregnancy, this is mostly because they are more worried about their child’s safety.

Men go through the same anxiety as well concerning their wife and also are riddled with upcoming future challenges and the change a baby will bring to their lives.

What they are really looking for is a release and an avenue they can temporarily use.

This can force them to cheat.

For some men, cheating is a way to run away from the worries of life and not think about how things will change once they welcome a new baby into their lives.

There May be More Arguments

The worries of pregnancy and hormonal changes can cause women to have mood swings.

This can result in fights and arguments. Plus, men also go through pressure during this phase.

The pressure may make them angry and result in more fights and arguments.
All of this can push men to cheat on their pregnant wives.

A Lack of Attraction

As bad as it may sound, men can often find women unattractive when they gain weight during pregnancy. This can often cause them to look elsewhere for love and romance.

How to Reduce the Risk of Cheating

If You’re the Husband: If you are the husband, then you must make sure to stay in control of the situation and not look elsewhere for love or sex.

Understand that what your wife is going through is temporary. She will be back to normal once she delivers the baby.

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Also, remember that your wife needs sex and love as much as you need it.

Her mood swings are out of her control and you must learn to deal with the situation in a calm manner. Do not have fights or arguments. Deal with this temporary phase and wait for things to settle.

If You’re the Wife: If you are the wife then you need to put yourself into the shoes of your husband.

Understand his requirements and make sure to talk to him about the changing scenario so that he does not get carried away.