Why Do Men Have Internet Affairs?

Why Do Men Have Internet Affairs

The internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time, and the consequences of using it only depend on how it is used.

Many people use it to watch movies, read books and news, and improve their knowledge about various topics. Others are aware that they may go online and commit cyber infidelity.

It is interesting to note that males are more prone to cheating over the web, but why do men have internet affairs?

That is what we are trying to discover in this article, but you will also learn whether the cyber affair is actually infidelity, and how it can affect your relationship.

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What Is a Cyber Affair?

It is important to understand that there is no exact definition of a cyber affair. However, the majority agrees that it is an inappropriate communication a partner in a relationship has with another person.

A cyber affair is restricted to the virtual world, which means it only happens online. That implies the cheater doesn’t get to meet with the other person, and their meetings solely happen on the web.

Infidelity happening online may involve exchanging intimate messages, sharing hot photos, or having a video chat, and even cybersex. In short, it is any communication that has a sexual connotation.

It is interesting to note that some people are questioning whether a cyber affair is cheating at all.

According to Ross Rosenberg, a reputable author, and therapist, cheating involves being physically, emotionally, or verbally intimate with another person apart from your partner.

That doesn’t leave any room to doubt that it is infidelity, especially if you consider it can lead to a physical affair.

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What Are the Reasons Behind Cyber Infidelity?

If we want to discover why do men have internet affairs, it is also important to mention potential reasons for cyber infidelity. These may include the following:

  • Boredom – your partner may not have any interesting things going on in his life, and that is the reason why they started to explore the online world. One thing led to another, and they succumbed to the temptation of committing an internet affair.
  • Affirmation – the internet is a great place to get a confirmation you still look hot. It is why some people publish photos on social media. You may think that men are not sensitive about their looks, but you are wrong. Looking for affirmation may easily be the reason for your hubby’s cyber infidelity.
  • Anonymity – let’s be honest and say that the opportunity to stay anonymous may be the reason why many men commit online affairs. The internet allows you to use a fake identity, and you can even insist on hiding your face during live video sessions.

What Are Internet Affairs Signs?

The truth is that cyber affairs are easier to hide than real ones. The reason is simple – you can “meet” the other person anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Despite that, some signs may reveal your partner is having a cyber affair. Here are only some of them:

  • He hides when he is using the internet. You may notice that your partner locks himself in the bedroom whenever he is going online. Additionally, he may move his computer to a secluded location in your home.
  • His phone is out of your reach. It may not have been the case earlier, but he has started keeping his phone to himself all the time recently. It is the first sign that sensitive information may be hidden there.
  • He doesn’t care about your relationship. Did your husband miss your anniversary or birthday? If it seems like he doesn’t care about your relationship, another person may be the reason for that.
  • No sex enthusiasm. Internet affairs usually involve the cybersex component. That may be enough for your husband, which is the reason why they may be showing a lack of enthusiasm when in the bed with you.
  • He is buying additional computer equipment. Purchasing a new web camera, or changing the PC completely is a sign to start worrying. The same applies if your partner suddenly buys a new phone.

How Does Online Infidelity Affect Relationships?

The American Psychological Association mentions that a cyber affair can affect a relationship in many different ways.

Although the experts consider that men and women tend to have different concerns regarding internet infidelity, they agree that these differences are not as noticeable as they used to be.

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Women tend to become more insecure once they discover that their partners have had an internet affair.

Apart from wondering about the purpose of their relationship, they may start worrying whether they look hot enough for their boyfriend, or if they can develop trust ever again.

Others, however, become jealous and angry. Anger and shock are among the primary feelings that we feel upon learning that our partner had an affair, even if it is “only” a cyber one.

The anger may decrease over time, but the cheated partners may continue to exhibit jealous outbursts. That may include using every occasion to remind the person of their affair.

For example, a man might grab his phone to respond to a friend’s message, and their partner may jealously ask who is the recipient of the message.

It is interesting to note that men might react a bit differently if their partner had a cyber affair.

The consensus is that males care more about physical infidelity, and they may be more prone to forgiving cheating over the internet.

Naturally, that varies from one person to another, and nobody can foresee a reaction in advance.

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What To Do If My Husband Had An Online Affair?

If you discovered that your partner had committed cyber infidelity, you should take a moment to think. How does the fact that they exchanged intimate messages, photos, and videos with an unknown person make you feel?

As soon as you are ready, you should prepare yourself to confront your partner. If you want to try and save your relationship, it would be wise to avoid outbursts.

Instead, try to have a meaningful discussion regarding your future.

The first thing you want to do is to get to the bottom of why the cyber infidelity happened.

You now know why do men have internet affairs, so try to see if that can be a reason for your partner’s cheating. If not, ask them honestly about why they committed an affair.

Next, sit down and discuss your future. If you think your relationship is worth saving, ask them to stop the affair and focus on re-establishing trust.

It will take a while to strengthen the bond, but the affair may end up making your relationship stronger in the future.