Why Do Women Have Affairs?

Why Do Women Have Affairs

The harsh truth is that both men and women cheat. Although men are often accused of being unfaithful, the statistics indicate that the number of females that cheated increased by 40% since the 1990s.

The question that remains hanging is – why do women have affairs in the first place?

That is what we are focusing on in this article. If you are trying to understand a cheating wife better, here is what the experts have to say on the topic.

Something Is Wrong in Your Relationship

It is the basic reason and the one you probably could have assumed. A woman can be unhappy in a relationship for different reasons.

In the section below, we are analyzing the most common mistakes husbands make to inspire their woman into thinking or having an affair.

  • No emotions or gestures of affection. You may have started the relationship on the right foot, but lately, things are different. You can’t remember when it was the last time you complimented your wife’s appearance or bought her flowers and chocolate as a surprise. Even hugging and kissing has become rare. That might make the woman undesirable and unappreciated, which is why they might look for someone else that can provide those things.
  • Constant fighting. It seems like you can’t talk like two normal people, but all you do is fighting. You’ve become one of those couples that are criticizing the other party for every minor mistake they make. If the atmosphere is tense around the relationship, a woman might look for a place where she will feel at peace.
  • You are ignoring and neglecting them. It is not easy when you are a husband that works late every day trying to provide with the family. While your wife is giving her best to be supportive, the truth is that she gets lonely often. It seems like your job is preventing you from focussing on your wife, which makes you ignore and neglect her. You haven’t gone out in a while, and when you come back home, you immediately get to bed to sleep without even talking to your partner.

The above three reasons are crucial points for why women have affairs if they are unhappy in their relationships because of their partners.

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The smart move is to share all your concerns with the other partner, but if you want that to happen, you need to establish honest and trustworthy communication.

Reasons for infidelity might only be related to the woman, and that is what we are focusing on in the coming sections.

She Worries About Things Getting Serious

Everything may be perfect in the relationship, and that can be the problem.

It sounds weird, but women that have never been in a serious relationship may try to ruin it before it gets too serious.

If you notice that she avoids talking about the future, such as marriage, children, and living together, it can be because she is afraid that she is not ready for it.

Some women subconsciously think that they don’t deserve that “idealistic” future, which is why they become scared. That may lead them to commit an affair because the person they are cheating with doesn’t expect anything from them.

However, keep in mind that not talking about the future can also be a sign that she wants a divorce. That is why it might be smart to talk to her and clear any concerns regarding your relationship.

Her Life Is Boring, and She Is Looking for Excitement

Why do women have affairs?

It might be because they have too much free time on their schedule. Things may be going well as the husband is going to work and earning enough money.

The children are doing well at school, but the moment your wife drops them off, she doesn’t know what to do with her day.

Boredom is the root of many affairs.

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Everything can start spontaneously by chatting with the neighbor, or another person at the park. However, things quickly migrate to something new and exciting, and females love those experiences.

The element of secrecy takes the excitement to the next level, and their life becomes much more interesting.

Sexual Boredom

You can find websites where the majority of reasons why women cheat are connected to sexual fulfillment.

In most cases, that comes down to sexual boredom. Females are not happy with their current sex life, and they are fantasizing about different experiences.

Here are some examples of sexual boredom and dissatisfaction:

  • Her husband is too careful and soft in bed, and she would like things to be a bit spicier.
  • The hubby is too rough in bed and doesn’t want to show any romance. That might inspire the wife to look for someone tender.
  • Her husband doesn’t sexually attract her.
  • She doesn’t feel that her hubby wants her sexually.
  • They don’t sleep together often enough, and the last time they had sex was a long time ago.

A Midlife Crisis

You often hear that men are going through a midlife crisis, but women do the same, too.

It is that time when you notice the first signs of aging, and realize that you might not be as hot as you used to be.

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Things can be exceptionally hard if the husband doesn’t seem to be as attracted to you as before. In those situations, women can be desperate to look for approval, and that is how they may enter an affair.

If a woman’s confidence is low, and another man is there with the right compliments, it will make her feel better. She might be looking for ways to spend more time with him, and that can lead to cheating.

She Planned to Leave Anyway

We glanced through the reasons of why do women have affairs, but we didn’t mention a crucial one. Have you ever considered that the female that cheated was only looking for a way out of the relationship?

It may be that the wife didn’t want to file for divorce, or she didn’t want to abandon the hubby until she found something else.

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It sounds cruel, but it is an option you have to consider. That is why it is vital to sit down and discuss the reason for the affair.

You need to be honest and discover all the information possible. It is only by having a conversation that will get everything out in the open that you can save your relationship.

Try to analyze things rationally, and see if there is a point in staying. You might want to give your best to repair the relationship, but sometimes, things can be beyond repair.